What is TommyRun?

TommyRun here. We’re your new middleman between the home improvement store and your job site. What’s that you say? No more waiting in long checkout lines? No more sitting in traffic because you ran out of screws? No more delayed/missing/broken Home Depot orders? Yes to all the above. We’ve got your back.

But how? Magic? (Maybe a little.)

Close to magic, it’s all done through the TommyRun app. Getting everything you need for your project is as easy as pressing a button on your phone.

When you run out of nails, flooring tile, siding, or supplies, it’s as simple as reaching in your pocket to order more.

We’re working to help save you time and money by getting you what you need to finish your projects faster.

The only downside is…the contractor you always send to pick up that order at Home Depot won’t get to stop at Chick-Fil-A on the way back.

Your current reality:

Run out of screws. Jump in the truck to run to the store (hope the truck has gas in it). Hit 20 extra minutes of traffic on your way to Home Depot. Park in the only spot on the far side of the lot. Walk through five aisles of Home Depot before finding out what you were looking for is out of stock. Find another nearby home improvement store.

Drive 15 minutes. Look for the right screws for 20 minutes. Wait 30 minutes in the checkout line. Drive 40 minutes back to the job site. Start building again.

Gained: 200 screws and hours of frustration!

Lost: 3 hours of building time.

What could happen next time you run out of screws:

Open the TommyRun app.

Find the screws.

Click purchase.

Keep building while your order is delivered that same day.

Gained: 200 screws +increased productivity

Lost: hours of frustration

By using TommyRun you can be more productive, build faster, and finish your projects sooner.

By getting your projects done faster you’ll save thousands of dollars on labor costs and have the opportunity and time to work on even more jobs.

You can count on us to get you the supplies you need faster than the big-box stores.

How It Works

  1. You Purchase:
    TommyRun has the supplies you need from the retailers you already know. Search for exactly what you need to get the job done.
  2. We Deliver:
    Press “purchase” in the app and we’ll get your order to you the same day.
  3. Keep Building:
     You’ll save time and money by spending more time on site and less time waiting in checkout lines.

Download the app today and start saving time and money.