As the new kid on the block, we have a lot to prove. Broadband can be complex, intimidating and often painful.

It’s 3 months since we published our brand story. Since then, we’ve been busy launching the website, switched over our first customers, built the billing engine and gave one lucky person free broadband for a year.

This is a case study of how we made joining Cuckoo simple.

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But first, our Manifesto

A reminder of what we stand for and why we’re all here.

Broadband is broken.
Terrible service, complex deals, sky-rocketing prices — it’s a long list.
And to top it all off, we’re forced to haggle for a new deal every year or risk paying extra. Which is why we’re doing it differently.
And finally putting customers first.
Not just by giving them amazing service, but by making broadband simple.
With one great speed, at one low price, on a one-month rolling contract.
So customers never have to switch again, because they’ll always be on the best deal.
Even better, 1% of each bill helps us spread the awesome power of the internet to where it’s needed most, like conflict zones, natural disaster sites and developing communities.

After being told by top London agencies it would cost upwards of £75,000 to develop our brand; we decided to embrace the challenge and keep it in-house.

This is the story of Cuckoo and the creation of our brand. Nice to meet you.

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Introducing Cuckoo; an internet company founded on the principle of transparency.

Broadband is broken. Complex deals. High prices. Bad service.

The broadband ‘loyalty tax’ now stands at £1.8 billion every year. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Simple deals can work. Cheaper offers are possible. Smoother service is needed.

So here we are. Cuckoo offers transparent pricing and outstanding service. One simple deal. A rolling contract. And easy to deal with. The internet is magical. …


Tommy Toner

Head of User Experience & Brand at Cuckoo Internet. Currently building the type of broadband company your mum would be proud of. Mountains. Outdoors. Adventure.

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