How To Master In Sexting: Simple Tips

Many guys are ambiguous about how to start or sext their lovers. So to help you out I have recollected three simple sexting tips that will keep you interested and get lots of nude snapchat stories in your bucket.

Don’t go all guns blazing

Let’s get it straight, often women get intimate with someone who is committed to their words and themselves. So all you need is, to be that perfect man of her choice, however, you don’t have to brag, and go full throttle with your word choice.

For instance, saying something like this won’t work out:

“It was so nice to meet you, waiting for the weekend to fuck the hell out of you”

This will not even work on a hooker, At least do some sizzling and flirting, Being too direct with your words will make her feel like a prostitute, and you will lose any hope of being laid.

An ideal situation would be something like this:

“It was so nice to meet you… can’t stop thinking about you… Couldn’t concentrate on my work today, You are all in my mind bad girl!”

She felt offended, move on with her!

There can be a time during your sexting session, that you might unwantedly offend her, this is all fine as you have to figure the slight line of control for every girl you sext. But what you should avoid is taking a step back and apologize for what you have said.

You might like to give her an indirect apology, for example…

Girl: “That’s not ok. It’s a bit rude!”

You: “I didn’t know I hear your feelings, did I? Ok first you got spanked and that’s it… and second. That’s the final resort.”

Take an early step to set a sexual frame

Most men are afraid of sharing their sexual vibe on text with fear of screwing it up. I will advise them, take the chance if it’s going to get screwed up, no one can save it… if you did well while meeting her, then a simple message won’t hurt the attraction anyhow, unless you’re a retarded freak.

Switch your naughty self up and keep pushing the gears forward with the first sexting conversation.

Make sure you try to smartly turn things up into a sexual experience, it’s much more entertaining and interesting than a monotonous “how’s the day going” message.