How to connect to TomoChain Mainnet?

This guidance will show you how to connect to TomoChain mainnet to check your balance, move your coins around as well as start staking, via MEW, Ledger Nano S, Metamask and other wallets.

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3 min readFeb 26, 2019

I. How to connect with TomoChain Mainnet using Myetherwallet

MEW officially supports TomoChain mainnet

When you connect to Ledger on MEW

> Upgrade the ledger to the latest firmware (1.5.5)

  • Open new MEW page > Click “access my wallet”
  • Connect ledger > Click on ETH app > Go into settings > Go to contract data and click yes (Do nothing else in the ETHapp just click yes for contract data)
  • Back to MEW > Click hardware > Click ledger-choose hardware > Select ethereum m/44'/60'/0' > Select it, accept terms and click “access my wallet”

*Note: If the above guidance does not work, contact us via telegram chat: to get support.

When you login to MEW via the private key

Make sure you switch the network to TomoChain before taking any action

Vintage MEW

On new MEW version, you hit “Access my wallet" -> Software -> Choose what way you prefer (private key, keystore file or mnemonic phrase) -> Change the network to TomoChain (inside the red rectangle) as the picture below

II. How to connect with TomoChain Mainnet using MetaMask

Step 1: Unlock Metamask. Click on the section where your current network is seen and click on “Custom RPC”

Step 2: Setup your Custom RPC with the information of RPC url, chain ID, symbol and nickname and click on save.

Step 3: You are successfully connected with TomoChain Mainnet

III. How to import your TomoChain Private key with Trust Wallet

Step 1: Open Trust Wallet then go to Settings > Wallets > and tap on the plus sign in the top right corner to import a new wallet.

Step 2: Tap on IMPORT WALLET and select TomoChain on the next screen

Step 3: Tap on PRIVATE KEY and enter your Private key. Tap one last time on IMPORT to complete the recovery.

Contact us on Telegram chat for the instant support if you got any issue.

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