Faggots are officially out (of the progressive stack)

‘’Everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is…’’ hold on to your panties Anita, haven’t you heard of homonormativity? That’s right, being in a group that corresponds to 3–5% of the population is too normal for the SocJus machine, they realized that gays can take a very scary form, the white male. That’s right, from Guy Benson, to Milo Yionaosxxb3nlus, to Peter Thiel (notice me Senpai), FUCKING (gay) WHITE MALES have been causing tremendous disruption to the agenda of the socialites of the sore-assholes camp (Not the gays, we don’t get sore). And they’ve had enough. From now on, gays are not oppressed enough to be considered a special group by the liberal establishment.

Personally, all I can think is finally, I can’t wait for a fag to get no cake to eat or have, to actually have to face society as a normal person, and I’m not alone. Gay culture has never really clicked with progressivism, we like rough sex, drugs, consent is a laughing matter to us, we like drag queens with an 8 inch cock calling themselves trannies as we the faggots call them queens, we love the fact there are only 2 genders, since we only want to fuck one of them. And if a harpie cunt crosses me I’ll show her patriarchy. So why the fuck do we belong to the libtards? Well, we used to have little to no political clout, and as democrats like to do with people who have a disadvantage, they claimed ownership of us, after all, they are the party of slavery, actual and it’s modern form, welfare.

The event that led to this discussion was the massacre of 49 people at the gay club Pulse in Orlando. After thousands of pages of legislation to discourage ‘’hate crimes’’ me among other cynical assholes were quieted. There is an enemy that hates homosexuals more than anything, radical muslims (also known as more than half the worldwide muslim population). So I kept my fucking mouth shut, I cried for the victims and their families and I waited for the response. After all, this was the tipping point, it had to be, a muslim radical had killed 49 people for being in a gay bar, the largest hate crime against gay-perceived (I’ll explain why I use that term in a minute) people and the deadliest mass shooting in US history. All those laws, all that liberal outrage, was nowhere to be found.

First Obama talked about the shooting without whispering the words islam, muslim or even homophobic. Then Hillary stated just how peaceful the ideology that led to the death of all this people was. And then the media swallowed and regurgitated the most fucked up bat-shit crazy reasons of why this islamic terrorist attack wasn’t islamic. Amanda Marcotte blamed toxic masculinity, despite the fact most of the victims were men. Others blamed islamophobia, ignoring the imam who 3 weeks prior to the massacre had called for the death of gays…in Orlando. The guilt trip took a turn and went to good old fashion Christian bashing, because when a muslim kills 49 people in the name of Allah, that’s totes on the Christians.

But the worst one, to me at least, was the attempt of making the shooter gay. Many major media sites cited how he had visited the club before and used Grindr and other gay apps. Apparently the entire media doesn’t understand the concept of scouting. Or they do, but they wanted to make him gay, they wanted him to be a closeted faggot with a conservative (Taliban whore) father whose internal struggle lead him to commit this attack. Let me correct something here, I’ve been closeted, nearly all gay people have, why didn’t I or any of the millions of closeted gays commit a mass murder? Oh, also, the FBI released a statement declaring there was no evidence whatsoever that mateen was gay. So if we take apart the media narrative, all of the factors they covered can be traced back to huge groups of people and made into a moot argument. Except of course mateen’s religion, a religion that commands for homosexuals to be killed, something that’s practiced in 10 muslim countries.

I can only make one conclusion out of this. The liberal establishment, politicians, media and what not, had to make a choice. They could stand by the people they had in so many fucking occasions they had swore by signing one discrimination law after the other to protect, or they could throw the faggots under the bus (No pun intended regarding Nice) and save face by taking the side of the death cult the killer belonged to. They chose the second option, not even after consideration, but by default. Just look at any mainstream liberal’s first statement. Gun control, the motherfuckers even tried to push their own agenda on the pile of bodies left by the goat-fucker.

I have to admit, as a community, we’ve been pampered. Not for long thankfully, we don’t have a hive mind yet, but suing a christian baker cause he didn’t make the dykes a wedding cake, getting a law over every action committed against gay INDIVIDUALS, and worst of all, letting our loudest voices say we were still being wronged. We’re 3–5% of the population, those laws, that support, motherfuckers, that was mostly straight people, but like every spoiled brat giving us more wouldn’t quiet down our cries. Stopping would have worked, telling the next gay couple suing a bakery that they had just lost their right to marriage, being an asshole to us, but everyone was so nice, weren’t they? Until the curry smelling cunt went a step further and committed the worst crime in the history of our community. That’s our impasse, we stop now with the bullshit, we have bigger problems than to bark at the government, and right away I’ll tell you, you’re going to be asking straight people favors with a lot more urgency if Islam makes a sizable presence in your country. You are going to want to learn how to use, maintain and carry a gun, and in most likelihood, that’s going to be a straight person.

Let be extremely clear, I have no animosity whatsoever against the ‘’the straight majority’’. I’m one of those gays that stayed with his straight friends because he saw no purpose in moving into the gay subculture. I’m speaking for the great number of faggots who seem resentful towards straight men. I’m talking about the people that completely missed the fact that straight men and women died in Pulse. I’ve always hated the term ally, when allies die being with gay people and we as a community can’t bring ourselves up to say their fucking name a little bit louder so they will be remembered, that proves me right, ally ship is bullshit, get some friends you weirdoes. I avoid saying ‘’49 gays’’ because while it makes it simpler, it’s simply not true. And they died for being so tolerant they could spend a Saturday night at a gay nightclub. So the ‘’Straight people are evil’’ rhetoric stops fucking now, and any faggot still trying to score victim points after this, allahu akbar.

You don’t hold loyalties to a slave. And a slave shouldn’t expect any. The liberal establishment managed to pull a trick on us, making us think that we would be able to remain as a decisively distinct community while becoming part of the mainstream too. You can’t eat your cake and have it, no many how many poor Christian bakers you sue. Obama, Clinton, they didn’t see people that horrible night, they realized they were either going to lose a knight or a queen, and they of course chose the knight. Get this much in your head, we were out valued to the point they chose the killer over the 49 victims. If I have to be honest, I still had a tad of faith before Pulse, I still believed in useful idiots in high ranking power positions, that was stupid of me, of all of us, but we have to move on. We have survived because we used to be resilient, we weren’t easy to kill, fucking AIDS didn’t wipe us off, so fuck islam, fuck allah, fuck pedo Mohammed and have enough self-awareness to realize who has been there and continues to be.

I’ve made many calls to stop demonizing straight men, and I’ll continue, even if my presence is miniscule and my voice is barely heard, I won’t stop, because it’s right. I’m not saying every fag should become an MRA, but, who took over the vigil for the Pulse victims? It wasn’t a FUCKING WHITE MALE, it was a spic cunt from BLM (I’m a spic so fuck off). Who shut down the parade at Toronto? Again, BLM. The worst thing straight white males have done to a gay person in the last 10 years was refusing to make a fucking cake, and even that’s a minority! How spoiled have we become when we can invent entire narratives to spare an ideology that wants us dead while we impose ourselves to the people we’re going to be asking for help when the shit hits the fan?

Being gay is an intrinsic part of my identity, I cannot deny that, and probably a bit more than for straight people since my sexuality wasn’t the default and it was a struggle for a period of my life. But that’s the past. In the present I see nearly absolute, unwarranted support from people I question I deserve, and in the future I see an existential menace like no other we have ever faced. And it’s not going to be a ‘’gay issue’’, we may be the canaries in the coal mine, but carbon monoxide kills fast, everyone is at risk, equally. So go to pride after the shooting range, swing a rainbow flag with ‘’Don’t tread on me’’ written on it, defend your friends, not allies, friends, when they are demonized by the people forcing the cult of death upon us, fuck feminism, BLM and progressivism, if not for common decency for survival. Don’t be one in 49 on the floor of a nightclub in Orlando, I’m not giving up that easily, I hope neither are you.