Forced real injustice in the name of imaginary social justice.

When I started writing, I was a nobody, just a guy from Chile with shit to express, I’m not the most articulate writer nor the most elegant, but I seem to get my points across. I always start my pieces on a personal note (As I am metaphysically doing now) and given the topic of my articles, I tend to write something about my experience as a gay man. This is mostly a way to give some structure to the article in a way I can relate back if needed, but it’s also a trick. You see, most people will feel pity for a poor 3rd world spic faggot and being ‘’oppressed’’ by the religious right. I can get that sympathy, rather easily, call it a privilege if you may. So when it comes to talking about straight men and the issues they are facing, I imagine the hypothetical reader, not an MRA, red piller or anti-feminist, just the average person that has been indoctrinated (as I was) to feel no empathy for straight white males, and by showing my personal hardships as a parallel to the hardships of men in general in today’s society, I hoped I would be able to humanize a group of people that we have been taught are somewhat less than human.

I was extremely naive. While I received highly appreciated responses from people within the anti-feminist community and even a couple of victims who felt comfortable enough to talk to me (that alone makes it worth it), a common comment I received was, paraphrasing ‘’I liked the part where you were oppressed, but then you talked about men and it’s shit’’. I was honestly hoping for the opposite, I wanted people to be able to understand that any discrimination, perceived or real, was no different from anyone else’s, I wanted the reader to understand that hatred has no political party or affiliations, and while this unfortunately wasn’t very successful with the centrists of the culture war, it completely back lashed with the ideologues.

The days after my first article, on the hardships of straight men particularly growing up, was published, I started getting messages and tweets. The vast majority of them complained about my ‘’lies’’ (There’s nothing factually inaccurate in anything I have gotten published), my rampant misogyny (I called radical feminists cunts, sorry sweetheart, that’s factually accurate too) or that I was a conservative using his gayness to promote hate. The comments were all over the place with a single constant, gay. They made painfully cringe-worthy little insults such as MRGay and HomoCon. They questioned my sexuality, something that’s supposed to be a big no-no in the Marxist cultural cult, I even had a fat dude on a dress and poorly applied make-up make a counter-article on my article on Queer culture. And it was pretty much the same, I was a GAY conservative, a GAY MRA and a privileged faggot oppressing trans people (fat dudes in dresses). Again, one single constant in this regurgitated word salad of ad-hominems, gay.

It’s been months and 3 articles, and whether I talk about men’s issues, trigger warnings or general faggotry, my dismissal of feminism and social justice was highly disliked by a particular group of ideologues. This was expected, if a BLM-supporting radical feminist had liked either of them it would have really fucked with my head. The surprise came in the one constant almost every single critical comment I received had, I was gay. Yes, I had misbehaved, I had committed heresy against my cock-sucking nature, and I had to be excommunicated not from their feminist-marxist cult, but from my sexuality. Spiteful SJWs were desperate to not demonize my politics, beliefs and morals, but the fact that I like to take it up the ass. I knew that for this people conservative, republican, MRA and libertarian were insults, but they never elaborated in any of those (For the record, I don’t know what the fuck I am politically so, MRA I guess is the only true one, and as for the others, they are not insults) but instead they went after my sexual orientation like vultures.

While we all know that white, straight and male are immediate negative traits for this people, and we call them out for being bigots, I am not entirely sure if their hatred is confined to those particular traits. Pick any of Stacy Dash’s tweets and look at the responses. House nigger and coon are the most common. They don’t call her out on being a republican or holding certain views, that’s not where the insult takes focus, they go after her race, as if that trait was something they were tolerating until she committed thought crime. You can do the same with any female anti-feminist, you’ll see a spectrum ranging from internalized misogyny and gender traitor to ‘’you need some good guy dick’’ and calling her a whore desperate for male attention. Straight white males bear the most obvious hatred, they are the main target, but what I’ve seen in the last months is that they will attack any identity trait, a logical consequence of their inability to defend their ideals, which by their very nature, are indefensible.

So this left me wondering, who would accept an ideological framework which can’t be defended since it defies basic logic and therefore, forces you to attack the very aspects of a human being they obsessed over. I am ignoring the ignorant ones since they don’t represent the movement ideologically, they just accept it. All we are left with is actual bigots. And not limited to people who hate the evil straight white men, I’m including male feminists who hate women, black activists who hate black people, LGBTQ+ activists who hate gay men. The entire mindset is taking self-hatred as well as real bigotry (Yes, actual misogyny and racism as much as it hurts to type it) and projecting it into the world. It goes something like this, ‘’I hate myself for being X, they don’t hate themselves for being X or don’t hate people who are X, since I have convinced myself that I can’t hate X, they must hate it more, that house nigger is a racist, that cock-sucking cunt hates women, that faggot hates queer people, they have to’’

I am not writing this to have some kind of revolution of non-feminist minorities and women, anyone who is one knows this is part of what interacting with this people is. And we’re ok with that, I don’t remember laughing as hard as when some 50 year old faggot from Ohio said I had internalized homophobia. We have nothing to prove because if we think of the collective of people who know and reject marxism, feminism and social justice, we know we don’t hate any particular subset of people based on traits they can’t change, not hating people over race, sex or sexual orientation is not something you must work to achieve, it’s the default state of a decent person. While they attempt to hide their hatred for women and minorities, their core prejudice it’s extremely obvious when they talk about the people they’re ‘’allowed’’ to hate, however it’s not isolated to white straight men. If you see racism, sexism and homophobia on everything, you’re probably a bigot who can’t distinguish real example of prejudice with, well, air conditioning.

I got into this, at the time, unknown type of activism because it had one unique quality, I could see the effects of feminism and social justice in society, I could see friends being nearly suicidal after a break up with a girl who fucked him over and having no one to talk to, I could hear domestic violence against men being discussed as a normal part of life, I could hear one man committing suicide after another within my circle of people, and I was finally able to admit that while this was the norm, this was how it had always had been during the 24 years I’ve existed in this planet, it didn’t make it fair, and it wasn’t a fucking accident. Feminist ideology got into nearly every aspect of government as well as many private entities and changed the laws, not in actuality to benefit women, but to harm men, since a marxist perspective tells you that hurting one class helps the other, when we all know that’s fundamentally wrong. And this flawed, backwards ideology had taken its toll on men, and white and straight people albeit to a far lesser extent. My disgust for bigotry never changed, I simply realized I had been ignoring the most evident forms.

So, looking in hindsight I shouldn’t have been surprised that the people promoting policies that reduced the basic rights of men while ‘’benefiting’’ some distorted idea of women, were bigots against other groups, and more often than none, their own identity. While I know of some sexist men, I had never met a misogynist until I encountered male feminists, or the level of racism of your average Black Lives Matter supporter. And more personally, the hatred of cis gay men from the snow flake dominated LGBTQ+ lobby. The fact that I can walk outside, don’t yell at world I’m a faggot and be comfortable about my sexuality without a pound of K-mart make up while wearing a fucking dress really seems to infuriate those who can’t, those who need it, those who seem to think they live in Uganda and being is really something that will get you prosecuted and judged. I don’t think there’s anything a feminist hates more than a successful non-feminist self-made woman. They go after them like the Cosa Nostra, trying to morally tax her for her gender, and somehow, that’s not sexist. Somehow a feminist tweeting #KillAllMen can have the balls (And the lunacy) to say MRAs are committing female genocide.

I talked less about the usual misandry and racism against whites by the mob of narcissistic twats because that’s a given, I don’t think anyone reading this is unaware of the blatant hatred of straight white males by this people, but that’s what it is, blatant. My purpose writing this rant of sorts is to make it clear, even if they achieved their morbid goal of fully dehumanizing men they still would be bigots against the rest of us. Being a woman, black or a faggot like myself doesn’t mean you’re out of their reach, and for many of them, you’re the actual target of their hatred which they’ve focused on what’s allowed within their cult. But if you fuck up, and say something horrific such as the wage gap is bullshit, black people can be racist or trans kids shouldn’t be given hormones, they’ll use that same protected identity against you. In their minds we owe them, I owe feminism every right I have as a gay person, even tho there are not many ideologies as obviously homophobic against gay men as feminism. They think of me as their property, we’re their faggots, coons and sluts, and they will ‘’remind’’ us when we decide to say no (Or a variation, I like go fuck your mother), but if you’re like me, that’s half the fun.

I can wish with the day feminists SJWs will attack my arguments, will find mistakes and I’ll grow from the exchanges, but that won’t happen. Their obsession with identity politics is rooted in personal experiences and bad interpretation of marxist literature, they need to attack my identity because for them it’s intrinsically linked to their ideology, therefore an admission of being wrong means destroying their identity, something human beings do nearly anything to avoid, in simpler terms, an attack on their ideology is an attack on their identity, and they think we function in the same matter. Gladly we don’t, I can suck a dick and before even swallowing say ‘’Feminism is bullshit’’ (I won’t, never bring feminism into the bedroom, that’s retarded) I have certain traits that can be traced back to my sexuality, but those are minor, and when it comes to logical discourse, such as the one needed to help change the way men are treated in today’s society. We don’t have the sympathy feminists have because most people are taught that men are worth less, including men themselves. But we truly care about the subject of our advocacy, we have a clear path of issues that need to be addressed and we are fucking right.

Feminism, social justice, cultural marxism, whatever name you may call it, they are all born from collective feelings of fear, sometimes even genuine concern, but above all hate. Any movement that is conceived from feelings is doomed to fail, but only inherently destructive movements like these can take people down with them. It’s time to let go. Maybe you already have but, if you’re like me, you’ve lost countless hours trying to reason with this people. It’s not going to happen. It’s a waste of time and energy better spent in figuring out how to deal with the mess they’ve left behind. Our goals may coincide on occasion, but the truth is indoctrinated people cannot be trusted. The fact that they believe that advocating for men’s rights is an insult shows both how deep their hatred is rooted and how far away they have drifted away from reality.

I am in no way diminishing their blatant bigotry against straight people, whites and men, but they proudly admit this, and most of mainstream media doesn’t care. The myth that must be demolished in order to show their real nature is that they advocate for the rights of anyone. Feminism only serves feminism, and this is true for any marxist ideology. I used to think that their contempt for women and minorities who don’t believe their bullshit was ideological. It’s not, if the condition for not being called a house nigger attention seeking slut faggot is drinking the kool-aid that tells us that those same people are advocating for you, then the problem is not simply ideology. We know that in their eyes straight white males are inherently bad, but calling out their bigotry through that belief is not enough. We have to show their hypocrisy, we have to show that there is intrinsic hatred against pretty much any group within their collective, that’s the part they hide, that’s what will eventually destroy them. SocJus is sexist, SocJus is racist, SocJus is homophobic and we have to point it all out. Cheers!