When you said on CNN yesterday that people who lead good lives don’t have to worry about getting and dealing with pre-existing conditions, you’re basically telling the world — and patients like me — that I got cancer because I must be bad.
Congressman Mo Brooks, Do You Want Me to Die?
Mary R. Ladd

I simpathize with your situation, I really do, and Brooks’ statements were idiotic, even more so because he contradicted himself immediately after. ‘’In fairness a lot of those people with pre-existing conditions they have those conditions through no fault of their own’’ he said immediately after, so, I think he was trying to say that obese people, smokers, drinkers who get a condition should pay more. Now I’m no moral arbiter, but I do make the distinction between you having cancer over a gene and me having cancer because I’m a smoker. My insurance is higher because I smoke, and honestly it should be, it’s stupid, but I choose to do that. So let’s be charitable and imagine he misspoke and he doesn’t believe you did anything to get cancer (no one is THAT stupid) then maybe you still disagree that a 400 pound person should have to pay for their own gastric bypass, or that I have to pay a higher amount if I want to be covered in case I get cancer, I personally agree with that.

However the case may be, the pre-existing condition section of Obamacare is probably the most popular, it’s not going anywhere, whether you, me or Mo (I laughed at his name, I’m 6…) want it or not. So, don’t be afraid over something that won’t happen, the argument is way more nuanced and clearly this man can’t handle it, but I can assure you, the American people will not vote for treatment being taken away from people like you, the precedent would be that anyone wanting insurance ever would have to take a genetic test to determine predispositions, and in the scientific community we made aware everyone why that’s completely unethical and that we won’t support it, and since we’re the ones creating the treatments, they better fucking listen to us.

I’m a strong right winger, I’m also a biochemist and a human being, and I can assure you your treatments won’t be taken away from you. So, try not to be self-defeating or maybe scare other people over the words of an idiot on CNN. I think there’s more common ground to be found, I think you’d agree with me that you shouldn’t use the government to force people into getting health insurance, and that for people whose premiums skyrocketed, sick or not, they deserve to have the plan they had before. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” I think that applies to this case. There are a ton of things to fix in the affordable care act, you getting treatment is not one of them, and it’s going to be something they’ll have to work around, because americans will not accept that in the US a diagnose is a death sentence when it doesn’t have to be, appeal to the sentiment of being always better that the US has. ‘In this country people don’t die for being denied treatment’ That’s what you repeat to people who get stubborn. Remind them that if they want their country to be exceptional they have to fight for it.

Let’s attack the medical device tax, the premium spikes for middle class people, the fine young people with little to no money have to pay if they choose not to get insurance, let’s find a middle ground that benefits everyone. You won’t lose your coverage, so let’s honestly address what each side wants. Because no side wants you dead, I can assure you that, so try to make sense of that stupid comment and see what’s valid, what’s fair, what has to be changed, but don’t fall for partisan bullshit, it’s time people appeal to each other, not to specific basis. Best of luck with your treatment.