We must demand @ChrisCuomo to be fired @CNN

I’ll keep very short. For all of us who have been using social media, we know doxing to be one of the most malignant tactics, that’s why it’s usually done anonymously. Chris Cuomo threatened to dox a person for creating a GIF, he did so on his private Twitter account. This behaviour is beyond unacceptable, it’s borderline criminal, and considering his position, we must demand he is made accountable for his actions. Contact CNN, contact their sponsors, put all the pressure you can. CNN’s behaviour itself is disgusting, but this crosses a line that cannot be crossed, it’s a precedent we can’t allow. The person in question explicitely said he feared for his safety, don’t sugarcoat it, this was a threat to a person’s safety over political reasons. Define that as you may.

The now deleted tweet