The Unforgettable attraction

That’s right ladies and gentleman this one is about your every time attraction toward another human being. what is attraction? in my own words attraction is that which one has a positive outlook on and does very little to acquire your attention. As we know attraction comes down to humans beings, animals, materialistic things, foods, places, desires so on and so on. Lets be real though; the attraction I speak of is man and woman- or in today’s world, man with man or woman with woman- you take your pick at which one you soever choose.

Yet the most single memory of an unforgettable attraction is the rejection. You just can not help yourself but to fall victim to your desires. Knowing very well that one is totally out of bounds because we know even as we are attracted to this individual we already know it will never happen. Yet we think, we wish, we hope, we beg the Gods, for some type of shift in the universe that will open the doors of another dimension, one that is often in our minds yet open nonetheless and don’t get me wrong sometimes the unforgettable attraction end in a positive note we always here sometimes of that awkward couple and we are all like

“ How the hell he/she is with her/him?”

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Unforgettable attraction According to Vanessa Van Edwards “ Being attractive is more than just appearance.”

And i would agree. It takes a lot to be attracted to a person and with so many heads in this world, how do you ever know you are attracted to the right one. well….you don’t. It’s a choice and when it is made you wait to find the end result. I am not here in no way, shape or form to insult or mock anyone. I am here to speak of the Unforgettable attraction that most of us have longed for.

You really gotta think about things. some of us with the help of financial features as seen above, or perhaps a charming smile escape this unforgettable attraction because it is in sight. shit. i know your dying to know what it is…

well here it is my medium spotters of words.

The unforgettable attraction is wanting that which you cannot have. it is a burn, and it always re-emerges. thus making it unforgettable but at least this drink will slowly fade my mind.

But it is not over, until its over.