Tonpound Airdrop Announcement

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Support Tonpound and win TPI to get your first gNFT!

Dear Tonpound community,

With the launch quickly approaching, we have prepared 3 airdrop campaigns to boost the early growth of Tonpound. A total of 50 Million TPI will be up for rewards!

The distribution of TPI to the most active users will also play a key part in a decentralized transfer of power from the developer team to the Tonpound’s community. Those eligible for airdrop will receive enough TPI to get one full governance NFT and join Tonpound DAO.

Make sure to give the article your full attention to get yourself ready for the upcoming contests!

Airdrop I: Community Giveaway

The largest airdrop of 43.2 Million TPI is reserved for users who will raise awareness about Tonpound and also provide its very first liquidity. It will consist of two phases:

  1. Earn XP by completing tasks on Crew3 (1 April— 30 April).
  2. Provide 100 USD worth* of liquidity in any token not later than 30 April and hold it to receive airdrop.

The Crew3 contest will include simple community tasks like doing retweets or joining our chat. Then, 4500 leaders of the Crew3 rating will be picked. To win the airdrop, they must provide at least $100 of liquidity not later than 30 April and keep it above this limit to receive future airdrops.

*For non-stablecoin assets, the amount of required liquidity is listed below. Once deposited, users should not worry about the asset’s price change — the limits will remain unchanged independent of the market. The minimum for $100 worth of liquidity equals to:
50 TON
0.06 ETH
0.004 wBTC

Total TPI: 43.2 Million (43,200,000 TPI)
Contest period (1st phase):
1 April, 2023 — 30 April, 2023
Contest period (2nd phase):
15 April, 2023 — 30 April, 2023
Max. number of winners:

LINK TO CREW3 (available on 1 April)

Airdrop II: Liquidity Providers

The 2nd airdrop of 4.8 Million TPI will be given to those who significantly boost the value of Tonpound Markets. It is designed as competition between liquidity providers — the goal for five hundred potential winners will be to supply total worth of assets that is higher than that from their peers!

Participants can supply liquidity right at the protocol launch but its tracking begins only on 1 May. Identically to the first airdrop, users required to provide a minimum of $100 worth of liquidity. We will track the amount of liquidity provided until 31 May, when we pick top 500 LPs by calculating totals.

Total TPI: 4.8 Million (4,800,000 TPI)
Contest period:
1 May, 2023 — 31 May, 2023
Max. number of winners: 500

Airdrop III: Easter Eggs

Finally, a total of 2 Million TPI will be hidden under the gNFT segments as Easter Eggs. When creating a gNFT facet (segments from 7 to 12), all users get a chance to receive a prize of 1,000 to 100,000 TPI. No action required — simply cross your fingers and wish for good luck to find an Easter Egg when upgrading your gNFT!

The distribution of Airdrop III will occur in a random manner until all the tokens (2 Million TPI) are spent. To read more about the process of upgrading gNFTs, read our Medium article on Tonpound DAO.

Total TPI: 2 Million (2,000,000 TPI)
1 April, 2023
Max. number of winners: unrestricted

General Rules

  1. Users can not get airdrop from both campaigns at the same time. If one wallet address wins in both contests, it will be assigned to the one with free spots available. If both lists are full, the wallet is assigned to the 1st airdrop campaign and removed from the 2nd.
  2. Winners of Airdrop I and II receive a fixed amount of 9600 TPI over 1 year. As stated in our tokenomics, both airdrops are susceptible to a 12 month vesting schedule with a monthly unlock of 800 TPI.
  3. Users can withdraw their liquidity from Tonpound at any time during both campaigns. However, if the remaining funds fall below the limit, this would permanently disqualify the participant from the contest! We therefore urge users to pay attention and keep the required amount as long as needed.
  4. In the similar manner, the winners must hold the required liquidity (at least $100 or $1000) for the whole month to continue receiving monthly airdrops. If too much liquidity is withdrawn, the wallet loses the airdrop for the current and all remaining months.
  5. Airdrop winners will have the option to claim 800 TPI to their wallet or burn them directly to open one gNFT segment. The 12 airdrops of TPI will be exactly enough to get a full gNFT, which automatically makes its holder a member of Tonpound DAO.

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Tonpound is the first decentralized lending protocol connecting The Open Network and Ethereum blockchain.