Best Picture Drama..stupid mistake, racial snub or poignant political statement …

How easily and quickly well deserved DIVERSITY can be reversed.

The 2017 Academy Awards show was the most historically diverse ceremony featuring multiracial nominees and winners but the final and most important award for Best Picture has overshadowed the entire event.

The award ceremony ran smoothly for nearly four hours until the most anticipated and final award of the show was announced.

Actor Warren Beatty awkwardly opened the envelope and pulled out the enclosed card which revealed the winner of the Best Picture. Beatty then hesitated as if he was building drama and showed the card to co presenter, Faye Dunaway who then announced the winner…..La La Land.

The audience erupted with applause and the La La Land ensemble took to the stage to accept the award.

During the acceptance speech it became apparent that something was wrong because in the background you could see signs of confusion.

Then in stunning fashion someone from the La La Land ensemble interrupted and informed the audience that there was a mistake and the Best Picture winner was Moonlight.

Warren Beatty took the microphone and tried to explain that he was handed the wrong envelope and the winner was not, as expected, La La Land but instead Moonlight.

The embarrassing error became worse when the almost entirely White, La La Land ensemble left the stage and the predominately all Black ensemble took the stage and received award that was rightfully theirs.

The big moment in the spotlight that the winner of the Best Picture enjoys was replaced by confusion and controversy.

The surprise win of a movie about race, Moonlight, was the crowning achievement in diversity for the Academy Awards but sadly nobody is talking about that fact.

The stunning reversal from last years “All White” Academy Award show ended with a black eye for the Oscars.

The controversy has dominated all of the news and talk shows which otherwise would be focusing on the incredible diversity of the awards.

What the hell happened ?

By all accounts the error was the not a racial snub of Moonlight but just a stupid and embarrassing mistake which will you can bet will never happen again.

However, the fact that the unprecedented error after 88 previous Academy Award Shows occurred when the winning picture involved people and subjects of color makes you wonder…

How easily and quickly earned Diversity can be reversed.

Thankfully, this error was quickly fixed and at this time next year nobody will ever say “ I can’t remember what movie won Best Picture last year”

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