Donald Trump should have checked with his attorney’s prior to publicly criticism of Judge Curiel….shame on you

Criticizing a Federal District Court Judge is nothing new for Trump. he made his fortune that way.

what he will learn is in politics you better have your facts together or statements will come back to haunt you.

Donald Trump took advantage of over number of disqualified Republican Presidential candidates and got all the media coverage by being openly hostile, racist and each outrageous comment replaced by a new dumb comment a few days later.

I use to think Trump Was out to ruin the Republican Party. He has. The Republicans face losing not just the White House but control of Congress and many State legislative bodies.

The GOP correctly fears an election night disaster which may rival the LBJ 1964 victory.

But I think his ego has taken over his mind to the point that he is dangerous.

Saying things that outage ordinary Americans will get him the Republican nomination for President. Something the GOP has feared is now coming true.

Republican primary voters don’t decide who becomes the next President.

Ordinary Americans will do that in November 2016

Trump makes the decision easy.

Hillary Clinton is destined to become Americas 1st female

It took the death of Muhammad Ali to change the headlines about Trump and Judge Curiel. It won’t last.

Trump issued a public statement expressing sorrow for the passing of Muhammad Ali but it was quickly pointed out that Ali has criticized Trumps call for a ban on Muslims.

Hillary Clinton gave perhaps the Greatest speech of her career by calling Donald Trump unfit to be President and a dangerous person to give the Nuclear codes to.

The media needs to ask Trump if the Judge is so biased why hasn’t his attorneys filed a petition for recusal due to cause.

It is an easy answer which I’m sure Trump knows. Attorneys are bound by a code of ethics which obviously Donald Trump is not.

An attorney could be disciplined for filing an unsupported accusation like Trumps public statement.

Not only will Donald Trump not become our 45th President he will face the justice of Judge Curiel in the civil case now pending. Asking for a jury trial could be even worse for Trump enterprises

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