Donald Trump: very smart, has reasonable opinions but his methodology will result in Democratic Party landslide.

Many people are writing off Donald Trump as an idiot who is a racist bigot and will surely not be elected President. I was one of them

My very first story published on medium last fall was : Trump…idiot or genius.

Donald Trump took advantage of a historic number of unqualified candidates seeking the Republican Party nomination. From day one of he campaign he has used the media to spread his candidacy by making one outrageous statement, comment or criticism of other candidates.

The news media and Republican Primary voters could not get enough of Trump and he is now the presumptive Republican nominee.

Hillary Clinton gave perhaps the best speech of her career last week about Donald Trump and his complete lack of experience to become President.

Clinton called Trump unfit to be President and affront to American ideals and principles.

Clinton gave the speech and made the points that the other Republican candidates for President should have, but did not make against Trump in the primaries.

Clinton looks Presidental

Trump looks like an idiot.

Reviewing 3 of Trumps issues:

1) If the U.S. is going to defend the world and countries like Israel, Saudia Arabia and Europe that the u.S. should receive 100 percent compensation for the cost of that defense from those Countries.

I agree

2) The Federal Judge hearing a lawsuit against Trump University is biased and prejudiced against Trump.

Trump bases his argument on the numerous unfavorable rulings of the Judge including the Judges failure to grant Summary Judgement in the case.

Trump claims the Judges Hispanic heritage and Trumps call for a wall to be built around Mexican border to stop illegal immigration.

I disagree.

First, the ruling on Summary Judgement came prior to Trumps entry in the Presidential race and his plan to build the wall was announced.

You can’t claim prejudice just because your receiving what you feel are bad rulings by the Judge. The legal process in that case continues so at some time an appeal could and would be appropriate.

3) Hillary Clinton is a liar and will be in jail for her email crimes

I disagree

Hillary Clinton has done nothing illegal. Her actions which she admits, should have been handled better. Clinton has a tradition of learning by her mistakes.

Trumps lack of experience and his views on many subjects are contrary to those of ordinary Americans.

Trump will lose in a landslide of historic proportions.

Democrats will retain the Presidency and take complete control of Congress.

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