Donald Trump’s BLAME GAME never ends.

Trump now blames the MEDIA for his meltdown, which is ironic because the MEDIA gave Trump the nomination.

Donald Trump is incapable of accepting responsibility for ANYTHING.

In Trump’s world both politically and privately all the controversies surrounding him are the fault of others.

In the business world Trump has no faults despite the hundreds of lawsuits filed against him for various actions such as fraud, deceit and cheating to name just a few.

In the political world Trump blames just about everybody of conspiring against him.

His latest victim for the dire state of his campaign is the media which is ironic because the media gave Trump the nomination.

From the very beginning of Trumps quest for the GOP nomination he was the darling of the media.

It all started when Trump said he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico and he would have Mexico would pay for.

It is no exaggeration the Donald Trump dominated the media coverage so much so that his opponents were lucky to get a mention.

The media regularly gave Trump more than half of the news coverage on a daily basis and on many days more. Trump got billions of dollars of free advertising thanks to the media.

Every time Donald Trump made some disgusting comment about minorities, opponents, Muslims, and you name it he was the main story that the media focused on.

The media coverage grew so much because Trump continued to put his foot in his mouth no doubt realizing that he was the NEWS.

It was understandable why the media became obsessed with Trump. Trump was such a novelty in Presidential politics and what he did and how he said it was completely foreign for a presidential candidate.

People often joked that CNN spent so much of its daily coverage on Donald Trump they should change the name of CNN to the Trump Network.

Just look at the charts below(source: Media Research Center) as an example of Trumps overwhelming media coverage compared to his GOP opponents.

The amount of media coverage included what his opponents and many other claimed was FREE PASS that the media seamed to give Trump during interviews and even during the debates.

Trump would often take over interviews or change the subject of questions to deflect answering and usually got away with doing so. The media almost never got Trump to answers questions with specifics.

It was no surprise that Trump was able to secure the GOP nomination with relative ease. The 17 other candidates vying for the GOP nomination against Trump could not compete with the media obsession of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump did not have to do any fundraising because he financed his campaign with his personal fortune.

When Trump secured enough delegates to secure the GOP nomination the GOP establishment finally became concerned about have Trump at the top of the ticket.

There were fears that Trump would adversely affect the entire GOP ticket and efforts began to deny Trump the nomination by changing the rules. They failed and Trump became the nominee.

After becoming the presumptive nominee of the GOP Trump has been dogged by one controversy after another.

Trump has alienated his own party so badly that he is losing support of the GOP establishment at an alarming rate.

Trump refuses to conduct his campaign any differently than the way he did in the primaries. He claims why should he abandon the strategy which was successfully resulted in his nomination.

Numerous attempts by the GOP requesting Trump to tone down his rhetoric and start acting Presidential have failed. Every time Trump assumes a less controversial approach he immediately reverts to controversy.

Donald Trump is in a free fall. His polling has dropped so fast that is becoming apparent that he will lose by a landslide and take down the entire GOP ticket from top to bottom.

Trump is losing every one of the battleground States by margins almost impossible to overcome. Trump may lose so bad that a number of traditionally RED States may turn BLUE.

The once unimaginable possibility of the GOP losing control of the House and Senate has become a distinct possibility.

Should the now anticipated landslide become reality the GOP would no doubt lose their control of Congress. The Senate Majority leader, Senator Mitch McConnell(R-TN) recently commented that he may not be the Majority leader after the election result become official.

Nothing seems to deter Donald Trump from self destructing.

There is growing speculation that Donald Trump is purposely throwing the election.

How else do you explain his actions.

The reality is Donald Trump by his own words and actions has effectively. convinced the American electorate that he is not fit to be the Commander and Chief.

The truth is nothing that Donald Trump says or does for the remainder of the campaign will alter the outcome.

Trump has convinced people that he is a racist intent on returning to the Jim Crow days where white men ruled and the rich get richer.

There is growing speculation that Trump will withdraw from the race after it is too late to replace him on the ballot.

Trump appears to be setting up an exit strategy by complaining the media is rigging the election.

The once relished thought of seeing Trump and Clinton debate appears to be fading fast. The debates would be a ratings bonanza for the TV networks given the personalities and stark differences of the two candidates.

Trump has already spoke about skipping the debates because they are rigged…What else is new.

The Blame Games continues….There is now only 84 days until the General election. The only questions remaining are will Trump jump ship and if not, how badly will the GOP losses be.
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