The Meaning and End of The Donald
Dave Pell

Excellent analysis. You might enjoy the story I published in medium just before the first debate titled: DONALD TRUMP ? IDIOT OR GENIUS? IM GUESSING GENIUS.

I have actually just recently REVISED my impression of Donald Trump. My original impression was “TRUMP was an IDIOT playing in the game of politics which he knows nothing about and is therefore doomed to fail”

My revised impression is “DONALD TRUMP is a GENIUS playing in a game against a bunch of POLITICAL LIGHTWEIGHTS who have no idea how to stop Trump and won’t. Trump will probably be the Republican nominee”

Let me make it clear although my impression of Trump has changed my opinion of him remains. He is an inexperienced idiot who is just in the race to prove that his money is just as good as the Koch brothers money and therefore he deserves the respect of the Republican Party that they give to the Koch brothers. I doubt he wants to be president and is now looking for an EXIT STRATEGY.

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