Senate GOP leadership has concluded that Hillary will be elected President. They are now in Desperation mode to stave off the likely loss of Control of the Senate…enter Merrick Garland.

Garland will be Confirmed in 2016 in preference to a Clinton appointment in 2017.

In what can only be called a desperate attempt to maintain control of the Senate.

The Senate may reconvene BEFORE the Nov. 8th General election for the sole purpose of confirming Merrick Garland to become Justice Garland.

Judge Garland was appointed by President Obama to fill the vacancy of Justice Scalia. The GOP Senate leadership has refused to consider or vote on the nomination.

Even before President Obama made his appointment of Judge Merrick Garland official last March the leadership of the GOP announced that they would not hold confirmation hearings.

Arguing that the vacancy on the Supreme Court should be filled by the next President.

There were public outcries for the Senate “ To do their JOB” and consider the nomination. They didn’t.

Why ?

First, it was a final act of trying to embarrass President Obama who had out foxed the GOP agenda for the last two years.

Second, last March the GOP never considered that they would lose control of Senate as a result of the November General election and

Finally, the GOP leadership still felt confident that a Republican would be elected President.

A Republican President would fill the Supreme Court vacancy with another conservative who would follow the principles of Justice Scalia and restore the GOP majority on the Supreme Court.

They were wrong….again.

Donald Trump won the GOP nomination in July and started the clock ticking on a time bomb set to implode the entire GOP ticket on election day.

Today is October 21st and election day is less than 20 days away. In fact the surge of early voting has been unprecedented.

Donald Trump has become a national embarrassment by his words and actions.

Trump has literally Shocked the Conscience of the American electorate and the GOP is going to pay for his actions.

Hillary Clinton has out performed Trump at every turn by using his own words to destroy him.

The result is that Clinton has finally convinced voters that Donald Trump is not fit to be President.

As of today, Hillary Clinton has received the endorsement of virtually every newspaper publications, including traditional Republican publications which have never endorsed a Democratic candidate until now.

Trump has not received the endorsement of even ONE publication.

Hillary Clinton has taken a commanding lead in all national polls and is ahead of Trump in virtually every battleground State.

Even more amazing, Clinton is now leading in traditional RED States like Arizona, Georgia, Utah and is competitive in Texas.

Voter Registration has surged and voter turnout is expected to HUGE.

The American electorate is determined to send a message that the America that Trump envisions is WRONG.

There is little doubt that Hillary Clinton will be elected President on November 8th in what appears likely to be a historical landslide.

The worst fears of the GOP is becoming a reality.

Donald Trump is not just going to lose. His loss will also take down the entire GOP ticket from top to bottom.

The GOP is now likely to lose control of the Senate and the GOP control of the House is now considered to be come a possibility.

The GOP Senate is now faced with the choice of confirming Garland now or risk a liberal appointment by President Clinton in 2017,

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