Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

The Good, Bad and Ugly…..

The winner will become the 45th President of the United States.

The General election is now 75 days away, although early and absentee voting begins as early as September 23rd and by October 1st all voters will be able to cast their ballots early.

Early voting is significant, especially for Donald Trump who is running behind Hillary Clinton in the polls both nationally as well as in many key battleground States.

Early voting leaves Trump with less time to make up the polling deficit that his campaign faces.

Hillary Clinton

The Good:

Overwhelming experience at every level of government. Both Foreign and Domestic. Hillary Clinton is a trained Attorney who has been the First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the U.S., United States Senator and Secretary of State.

The Bad:

Is the perception, wether true or false, that she is hiding something or she is not truthful. She has been perceived as having an agenda for power and wealth and her motives are questioned.

The Ugly:

Is the reality is that the right wing Conservatives within the GOP have spent millions of dollars to convince people of the negative perceptions noted above.

In reality Clinton does not need fame or fortune, she already has both. Clinton has a long record of being an advocate for women’s rights and human rights.

The GOP has feared Hillary Clinton for decades and they have used unwarranted allegations in order to cast doubts about her. Clinton has withstood every effort to end her career in public service and is now sacrificing her time and effort to once again serve the public.

Ironically, many in the GOP who have for years opposed Clinton are now publicly supporting her over the nominee of their party. Clinton states these GOP converts to her campaign are, to their credit putting the best interest of the United States over partisanship.

Donald Trump

The Good:

He won the Republican Party nomination for President and did it rather easily.

Trump has become a master of controlling the media. His exposure from the very start of his campaign has been so overwhelming he does not need to pay for advertising. The media obsession with Trump was his pathway to the nomination.

Trump began his campaign by disparaging immigrants and went onto do the same to opponents, women, minorities, Muslims, Veterans and just about everyone except white males. Even the Pope fell victim to the rants of Donald Trump.

Trump was a novelty and the media could not get enough of him. His tv and print exposure dominated the airways and it became impossible for his GOP opponents to compete.

The Bad:

He is a political novice. He has never run for any political office and the extent of his experience comes from his money and the influence his fortune has given him.

He has no “record” to run on so he is able to say or do whatever he wants and rarely answers questions specifically.

Trumps ego controls his every move. He cannot be reasoned with and if you cross him or question his judgement your wrong.

His campaign is so unorganized because he changes campaign managers and advisers every three months.

Trump doesn’t trust anybody but his family and refuses to alter his style of ranting.

Trump has managed to convince people he is a racist bigot and even worse he is unfit to be President.

The perception that he is a loose cannon waiting to explode grows larger and larger every day.

The Ugly:

Trump regularly refers to Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary” and calls her a criminal.

Yet he refuses to answer questions with specifics and lies about things he said or did on a regular basis. He now blames the media and says the “fix” is in.

Trump is the subject of numerous lawsuits alleging fraud. His so called Trump University is a sham and he has cheated vendors by refusing to pay for work he ordered and thousands of people have been victims of his deceit.

Trump steadfastly refuses to release his income tax records as every candidate of both parties has done for decades.

Many claim Trump is not even a billionaire as he claims which is why he refuses to release his tax returns.

Trumps worst enemy is his mouth. He has put his foot in his mouth so many times that he has become an embarrassment.

Despite his drop in the polls, despite the fact that Republicans are denouncing him and jumping ship Trump continues to claim that he doesn’t need to change and cites his victory over 17 opponents as the basis for staying on the course that he won with.

What Trump fails to realize is that the General Election voters are not the same as the GOP primary voters.

The voters in the GOP primaries were predominantly White Males.

The General election is a complete opposite of the GOP primaries. The General election voters includes and is even dominated by the various minorities that he has offended on a regular basis.

The plain fact is there are not enough WHITE MALES to elect Donald Trump President.
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