Wake up America or the Grand Wizard of CRACKER’S, Donald Trump will Win. Trumps vile rhetoric energizes his base. What’s next…

How long until he calls Obama a Nigger, Hillary a Cunt and Bill Clinton a male Whore

We no that’s really what he thinks and let’s face it it he plans on actually/accidentally blurting it out.

As obnoxious, disgusting and deplorable those statements are to a vast majority of Americans for Trump supporters those are the words and beliefs they whisper about..Proudly.

Trump is speaking their language

It is now up to Americans to show him that’s not the America we thrive for or believe in.

“Cracker” is the black equivalent of the term “ Nigger”

In a recent speech Donald Trump asked Black people to give him a chance. He said Blacks had no jobs, bad schools and lived in crime ridden neighborhoods. He said “ what do you have to lose “

If you read behind the words he used, what he was really said was your Black President failed and so will a Woman President.


Don’t fall for his trickle down voodoo.

Actions speak louder than words….if you don’t vote Trump will win.

Sitting out the election or voting for a Third Party candidate will ensure the election of Donald Trump as President.

I, for one do not want to witness the 2nd Civil War in American history.

If Trump wins that’s the result.

So it is time to call your friends, family and neighbors and make sure they are registered and plan to vote. Take the headphones off and talk to the people on your bus or train and ask and encourage them to vote.

Forget what the polls say and take nothing for granted.

It is not enough to assume Trump will lose because he could win.

Picture Donald Trump taking the Presidential Oath of Office dressed in a White Hooded Sheet.

If that does not scare you your probably a CRACKER.

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