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Is there any doubt ?

In just the last three days President Trump has admitted to Interference of a Criminal Investigation and 3 separate Acts of Obstruction of Justice.

His reasoning for firing the Director of the FBI would have credibility if he had done so shortly after taking office instead of the day after Sally Yates damaging testimony.

The firing of the FBI Director was meant to replace the media headlines about Yates with his own more compelling news story.

It worked.

In typical Donald Trump fashion he made things even worse.

The timing and method of his action can only be interpreted as an attempt to interfere with a Criminal investigation.

The silence from the GOP Congressional Leadership in light of the utter chaos and now Constitutional Crisis that the Presidents actions have cast over this Country is reprehensible.

Silence is tantamount to Approval.

Consider this scenario…

What if every action described above was done by President Hillary Clinton ?

Is there any doubt that the House of Representatives would have already voted to Impeach her ?


Case Closed.

Every member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, who fails to support the Judicial appointment of an Independent Special Prosecutor is putting their future employment as a member of Congress in JEOPARDY.

Finally, it should be pointed out that President Trump could very well face Criminal prosecution separate and distinct from Impeachment.

The decision to file Criminal charges if made by a Special Prosecutor would not be subject to review or require approval by the Justice Department.

President Nixon would have been charged with Obstruction of Justice but he was Pardoned by President Ford before the actual charges were filed.