MSNBC BREAKING NEWS….Clinton to GOP Senate…Confirm Merrick Garland NOW because Garland is going to be my nominee on 1/20/17(fictional or likely)

It would be a stunning act of political savvy for Hillary Clinton to tell the U.S. Senate

“My first Act as the 45th President will be to re- submit the nomination of Garland Merrick to become the next Justice of the Supreme Court”

President Obama has fulfilled his Constitutional authority and submitted Merrick Garland as his nominee for the Supreme Court.

The U.S. Senate is obligated to fulfill their Constitutional Duty to vote on the confirmation.

The American people overwhelming support the President and want the Senate TO DO THEIR JOB.

President Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court is my choice.

The U.S. Senate should hold confirmation hearings and vote on the nominee of the President or SUFFER THE POLITICAL CONSEQUENCES and the WRATH OF THE AMERICAN VOTERS.