America’s Democracy is being threatened by the actions of the President of the United States.

  • The INTEGRITY of our Electoral process has been corrupted by our foreign enemy.

The Investigation taking place in regards to the 2016 Presidential election has been JEOPARDIZED by the un warranted interference of the President of the United States.

Congressional investigation now taking place in regards to the Russian interference of our election while, necessary and useful are obviously by nature of the process, Political and therefore the findings would be questioned by partisanship.

It is imperative that any investigation be Reliable and Credible.

Nothing less is acceptable.

In order to insure that the investigation meets those two requirements it has to be conducted with Independence from both Congress and the President.

By law Congress has the authority to seek Judicial Appointment of an Independent Special Prosecutor with full and unfettered authority to conduct this investigation and determine if any Criminal prosecution is warranted and if so to file charges and prosecute.

Nothing less is Acceptable nor Tolerable.

Each and every member of Congress who fails to support the Judicial appointment of an Independent Special Prosecutor is placing their future employment as members of Congress in JEOPARDY.

Silence in light of this crisis the President has placed our Country in is tantamount to approval and is no longer ACCEPTABLE.

In the early 70's when the actions of the Executive Branch of our Country was called into question a Special Prosecutor was appointed to conduct the Watergate Investigation because the integrity of the Justice Department to do so was also compromised.

By way of comparison Watergate was essentially an investigation of the actions of members of the Executive Branch in regards to a petty burglary.

What followed was an elaborate attempt to cover up those actions which eventually lead to the resignation of President Nixon.

By contrast the Russian interference in the 2016 and the possibility that members of the Trump campaign were complicit with the Russians is tantamount to Treason.

If you cannot see the necessity of a Special Prosecutor you should RESIGN.


The American People

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