He fired Sally Yates for refusing to ENFORCE a law, she did this for political reasons.

Mr. Hill Thank You for your response to my story. Before I get into the specifics I must suggest you send your resume to the White House for consideration as Sean Spicers replacement as White House spokesman.

You are much better at supporting unsupportable Presidential actions with logic rather than Exasperation even if your response is incorrect as you have proven by your comment.

Acting Attorney General was Fired for not defending an Executive Order (Not a Law) which was Invalid for Constitutional reasons. As we have learned she was never asked for her opinion on the validity of the order as was customary.

As we now know her interpretation that the order was not Constitutional has been affirmed by every Court that has decided the issue to date.

Those Court rulings are the Law.

FBI Director, James Comey was fired by President Trump to “relieve the pressure of the Russian thing” Trump thought by firing Comey the investigation would end. WRONG.

In my opinion Trump fired Comey to get Yates out of the headlines by creating his own headline.

The President only made things worse. He made himself look guilty as hell. Guilty of what ?

Stupidity, Yes.

Criminal actions ? possibly

At the very least Obstruction of Justice and Interference with an FBI investigation and possibly Attempted Bribery.

Discussing the investigation with the man leading the investigation of his campaign is an affront to Ethical behavior.

Sadly, our President thinks we have to accept these ethical violations.

We Don’t.

We Won’t.