How should Hillary Clinton respond to questions about Bill Clintons infidelity ? She should state

First, that subject is not what i believe the American public wants to hear about in this debate. There are too many important issues like gun control, urban violence, etc that need our attention,

Second, I cannot change the past and do not intend to relive or revisit a subject which is completely irrelevant to my candidacy.

Third, this election is between Donald and myself. I proudly stand on my record and my plans to improve America.

Having said that.

I do want to make it clear that i deplore the recently released comments of Donald because they are just another in a long line of despicable and discriminatory comments and actions of the GOP nominee which are unacceptable to our values.

The fact that numerous members of the GOP have called for their nominee to resign from the race speaks volumes.

Now, can we talk about the issues important to Americans….

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