Bernie Sanders problem was EPITOMIZED by GOP debate. HE is UNKNOWN.

His name was not mentioned ONCE.

During Tuesday nights nationally televised THREE HOUR DEBATE not one time was the name BERNIE SANDERS even mentioned.

Hillary Clinton’s name was brought up by each and every Republican candidate over FOURTY(40) times. Bernie Sanders was not even acknowledged.

If the Republican Party candidates don’t know or cannot RECOGNIZE the Senator from Vermont why should or would DEMOCRATS do so ? …They won’t

With every passing day the chances of Senator Sanders even competing as a relevant Democratic candidate becomes more and more unlikely.

If there even was a so called Sanders SURGE it is gone.

The surging Clinton campaign has been invigorated by 2 things.

First, Clinton has become more outgoing by not just appearing on a number of national stages such as talk shows, the Benghazi hearings and the Democratic Party debates and forums.

She has APPEARED Presidential.

She has proven to be the experienced leader the Democrats have been looking for. Her vast knowledge of not only domestic policy but foreign policy is overwhelming.

The second, and more important reason for Clinton’s SURGE is the Republican Party which has made every possible attempt to sabotage her campaign and each has failed.

The uproar over Benghazi and her Emails FUELED by Republican Party operatives who recognize the vulnerability that Republicans would have competing against her in the general election has fizzled and even backfired.

The real turning point for Clinton was the public admission that the Benghazi investigation was, as Clinton always claimed to be a partisan tactic engineered to diminish both her popularity and to have voters question her integrity.

Based almost completely upon Clinton’s savvy appearance before the highly anticipated and well publicized Benghazi hearing she once again turned what had been planned as the demise of her campaign to anything but that.

After an incredible 11 hour INTERROGATION from her worst critics she came out standing tall and Un scathed. She proved in no uncertain terms that she would not be taken out by the Republican Party tactics.


The main obstacle to Sanders nomination as the nominee of the Democratic Party has been and continues to be NAME RECOGNITION.

Bernie Sanders is virtually UNKNOWN by the key Democratic Party core base of minorities.

After the Republican Party debate It appears his lack of NAME RECOGNITION extends to the Republican Party.

Sanders admits to the problem but claims his MOVEMENT will solve that and compares his campaign to the campaign of Barak Obama.

That claim by Sanders reminds me of former Senator Lloyd Bensten who was the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee in 1988. During the vice presidential debate in 1988 Benston embarrassed then candidate Dan Quayle when he told Quayle “ your no JFK “

The fact is Senator Sanders is no Barak Obama and comparing the Sanders movement to Barak Obamas movement in 2008 is not comparable. At this point in 2008 Barak Obama was a well known public figure. Want proof of the fallacy of the Sanders theory of comparing his candidacy to Obama’s.

Review the debates of the Republican Party candidates for President in the 2008 campaign. In those debates the Republican Party candidates often spoke about both Clinton and Obama as the opposition.

Sanders name was not mentioned ONCE in the Republican Party debate on Tuesday.

That fact alone speaks volumes about the viability of the Sanders campaign. But there is more to it.

The most important point that emerged from the Republican Party debate is not even about Bernie Sanders.

After listening to the outlandish principles and proposals which are REPUGNANT to a vast majority of Americans which were clearly stated by every Republican candidate the nomination of the most ELECTABLE candidate as the Democratic Party nominee is now seen as an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.

Too much is at stake.

The ideological differences between the two parties is comparable to only three Presidential elections in the last century. Those being the election of FDR over Herbert Hoover in 1932 and the election of Barak Obama in 2008 and the 2008 over John McCain.

FDR brought the “New Deal” era and both FDR and President Obama saved the country from the Great Depression and recessions caused by the Republican presidents that served before them.

Both had the additional burden of dealing with foreign conflicts which were the cause of further economic problems and resulted the deaths of thousands.

Two other historical events must be mentioned in order to place in realistic terms what is at stake in the 2016 Presidential election.

The first was the appointment by President Dwight Eisenhower of former Governor of California Earl Warren as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Justice Warren brought the most significant ideological changes to the Supreme Court in decades. The Brown vs. Board of Education and the Miranda decisions changed the course of American society.

The second event was the election of LBJ in 1964 which resulted in the “Great Society” and enactment of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Without the passage of those two laws it is unlikely that Barak Obama would have been elected President.

The significance of the 2016 Presidential Election and events and laws described above cannot be OVERSTATED.

The current Supreme Court has already gutted key provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the decision in the Citizens United case has given corporate money an undue influence on the voting process.

Republican State Legislatures across the Country have passed a variety of RESTRICTIVE voting laws under the guise of “protecting voter fraud “. Make no mistake the true intent is to dilute the minority vote which historically supports the Democrat Party.

The validity of these laws has yet to be determined by the Supreme Court and may not be resolved before the November 2016 election.

In practical terms it is almost universally agreed that the next President will appoint anywhere from 1 to as many as 3 new Justices to the Supreme Court. The ideological balance of the Court will have lasting effects for decades that will outlast the lives many of the Presidents who appointed the Justices.

The possibility of any of the Republican candidates for President making even ONE Appointment to the Supreme Court should be the OVERRIDING reason for the Nomination and Election of HILLARY CLINTON as President.

Much more than preserving the legacy of President Obama is at stake.

The intent of the Republican Party candidates was made crystal clear during last Tuesday’s debate. The most basic and fundamental rights that most Americans enjoy and expect are at risk. The freedom of CHOICE may no longer be the Law of the land.

Having stated and described what is at stake let’s talk about the reality of the Democratic Party race for President.

After months of favorable media exposure, public events, televised interviews on virtually every network news and talk show and a debate and forum viewed by more people than in any prior election Senator Sanders poll numbers are stagnant or falling.

Even worse is his status within the basic and vital core constituency of the Democratic Party.

Minorities essentially have no idea of who Bernie Sanders is. Frankly, I would probably imagine that if a picture of Bernie Sanders was shown to 100 randomly chosen Black or Hispanic voters across the country he would not be IDENTIFIED by probably more than 75 percent of that group.

There are 3 debates among the Democratic Party candidates scheduled between now and the middle of January 2016.

The first takes place on Saturday 11/14 with another to follow in mid December and mid January.

It would be premature and I believe wrong for anybody to suggest that Senator Sanders or Martin O’Malley withdraw from the race until at least after the first round of actual voting takes place in New Hampshire and Iowa. Both of those candidates represent views that have to be considered and included in the Democratic Party platform. I believe the the DISCUSSION taking place in the Democratic Party will prove beneficial in the long run.

It is important to keep in mind that Discussion and Debate is not a sign of Division. It is the exercise of the principles which the Democratic Paty stands for.

What is most important is that the supporters of our candidates not become so polarized that they will not accept the final outcome when our nominee is chosen.

At some point in the campaign all factions of our party must eventually UNITE.

The election of a Democrat as our next President is the only cause that matters. Taking back control of the U.S. Senate would be a blessing. Losing both would be a NIGHTMARE.

Face it in every campaign and election there is a winner and a loser. In the 2016 election Hillary Clinton should and will be the winner.

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