Typical Liberal comment.
Isaac Black

Thank you Mr. Black for your response. I value input wether I agree with it or not.

However, I must disagree with many of your statements.

We have passed the point of partisanship when it comes to the alleged Russian Influence into America’s electoral process.

Your statement that the FBI investigation is a Counter Intelligence Investigation and not a Criminal Investigation is absolutely false.

Any investigation conducted by the FBI is by its nature a Criminal Investigation to determine if any laws were violated and if so was the violation the result of criminal activity.

The Counter Intelligence issues you raise are all part of the Criminal investigation.

The issue under investigation simply stated is wether the Trump campaign was complicit in the well documented effort of the Russian governments attempt to influence the outcome of the Presidential election.

If so to what extent was the Trump campaign complicit and who in the Trump campaign was involved.

In all honesty there may be no crimes involved and it was just some irresponsible actions which looked criminal but ended up lacking criminal intent.

Having said that the FBI does not conduct official investigations without some credible evidence to support the decision to investigate.

Until this week the one issue that has never been suggested or even speculated upon was wether President Trump had any actual or personal involvement in his campaigns alleged participation with Russia to influence the election.

It has been assumed that if, as it has been alleged the Trump campaign was complicit in the Russian election interference scandal it was done without his knowledge.

Not anymore.

By his own actions and admissions this past week President Trump has managed to put his own credibility, and worse, his CULPABILITY into question.

If as Trump contends this Russian thing is just “Fake News” why would he ask the Director of the FBI who is conducting the investigation if he was the subject of the investigation ?

Not once, not twice but on three separate occasions.

Trump admits to asking the FBI Director for “ His Loyalty”

Those admissions are not innocent, they are both Unethical and Criminal.

Trump could very well be charged with Obstruction of Justice, Criminal Interference of an ongoing investigation and attempted Bribery.

To make matters worse he admits he fired Comey to end bring an end to the investigation. Talk about dumb.

People use to say Trump must be smart because he is a billionaire and you can’t become a billionaire by being dumb.

Admittedly, I don’t know any billionaires but I do know a lot of dummies and after this past week President Trump is at the top of the list of dummies I know.

Trump has nobody but himself to blame for the predicament he has put himself in.

Trumps habitual lying has finally come back to haunt him because nobody and I stress nobody, believes his rational for firing Comey.

Why ?


Trump has managed to change the old adage

“ If at first you don’t succeed, Try, Try, Again until you do succeed”


“ If at first you don’t succeed. Lie, Lie Again until you do succeed”

He actually believed that everyone would be applauding he decision to fire Comey.

Quite the contrary.

Now everybody thinks he is hiding something.