Who caused the Destruction of the GOP ?

The CRUSADE of the GOP to embarrass the President and get Hillary Clinton caused the GOP DEMISE…not TRUMP

Donald Trump just took advantage of a dysfunctional GOP leadership.

How did the Republican Party fall apart after the stunning 2014 mid term election which gave the GOP control of Congress.

The GOP could now enact their agenda and set the stage for a Republican to recapture the White House and add to the Republican majority on the Supreme Court.

The GOP was so close to the TRIFECTA they have sought for decades.

What went wrong.

The GOP Congressional leadership made two tactical decisions which they assumed would guarantee the trifecta control they sought.


Make President Obama a lame duck President by controlling legislation, obstructing his Presidential authority to be Commander in Chief and embarrass or humiliate the President whenever possible.


Derail the campaign of Hillary Clinton before her 2016 campaign even began. Hillary Clinton was the only candidate who could put together a winning coalition of minorities, independents, and women necessary to win the Presidency in 2016. Weaken Clinton by destroying her credibility and crippling her chances to even be nominated

The GOP leadership used every investigatory tactic and spent millions of dollars to make sure that Clinton would retire from public service PERMANENTLY by tarnishing her image and reputation.

The Results

Both tactics failed badly and the results are biting the Republican Party in the ass.

Tactic 1

failed because President Obama refused to be a lame duck President.

President Obama admitted he misjudged the public and the mid term election results made it clear that the American people wanted the Congress and the President to put aside partisanship and do the jobs they were elected to do.

The President tried compromising to get legislation passed sometimes successful, most not.

Agreements between the President and the Congressional leadership fell apart because the GOP leaders could not get the support of the GOP caucus to pass the legislation as agreed to.

Eventually Speaker of the House, John Boener, abruptly resigned as Speaker of the House of Representatives as well his seat in Congress. Speaker Boehner stated that he became frustrated with the inability to form a consensus between the various and numerous factions within his own party.

Public attempts to embarrass the President such as inviting the Prime Minister of Israel and Pope Francis to speak before joint sessions of Congress without consultation with the President turned into a public relations disaster for the GOP.

The Iran nuke agreement was finalized despite GOP efforts to scuttle it and Pope Francis scolded the GOP for failure to recognize and address Global Warming.

The public perception of the GOP is a party which cannot govern effectively because the GOP puts partisanship above leadership.

Two years later the GOP is virtually a hostage to a billionaire businessman with no political experience who is an obnoxious demagogue advancing racist and divisive plans for America.

The GOP establishment is incapable of stopping Donald Trump and his quest for the GOP nomination. Trump will be the Republican Party candidate in the general election unless the establishment somehow manages to steel the nomination at their convention this summer.

That is unlikely considering the GOP inability to do anything correctly.

Denying Trump the GOP nomination would mean frustrating the will of Republican primary voters who have overwhelming supported Trump and would almost assure a Trump 3rd Party.

Donald Trump said that if the GOP Establishment denies him the Republican Party nomination that “ riots may ensue”

The results won’t change the outcome of the Presidential election in November.

The GOP losses could and likely will be staggering.

The trifecta that the GOP hoped for is now ripe for the Democratic Party’s to take from them.

Tactic 2 failed even worse

because Rep.kevin McCarthy(R,Ca), a seasoned and powerful member of the GOP House leadership team and the man who was to succeed John Boehner as GOP Speaker of the House.

McCarthy made a stunning ADMISSION during an interview regarding his succession to Speaker of the House. McCarthy Publicly admitted that the GOP had in fact intended to use the Benghazi Hearings and Clinton’s E mail issues to destroy the image of Hillary Clinton and derail her campaign for President.

Going so far as to GLOAT how successfully the strategy had worked as Clintons poll numbers were dropping like a rock.

That PUBLIC admission validated the claims of Hillary Clinton that the right wing of the GOP was and has been tactically trying to destroy her image because they were afraid of her chances of becoming President. Her claim that the Benghazi hearings was the equivalent of a witch hunt was in fact true.

The admission turned a campaign on the brink of defeat before it ever got started into the thriving and successful campaign that now winning the clear majority of primary convention delegates to date.

Clinton has all but wrapped up the nomination and will be the nominee of the Democratic Party in November.


Not likely.

The GOP Congressional Leadership continues to try to frustrate the authority of President Obama by refusing to consider and vote on his nominee for the Supreme Court.

Will they ever learn. The President sent them a nominee that is politically moderate and the American public supports the President and is demanding that the Senate DO ITS JOB.

They will once again lose to the President because they put partisanship above statesmanshipn. The timing just months before the Presidential election could not be worse for the GOP.

Hillary Clinton(D) vs. Donald Trump(R)

Americans will have to choose one of these candidates to become the 45th President of the United States to assume the office on January 20, 2017

Could the choice be any clearer.


Blame the GOP Leadership, not Donald Trump for the destruction of the GOP

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