‘President Trump also lost because he has assured Senate rejection of the House bill which will…
Parker O'Brien

We respectively disagree on two of your conclusions.

My argument was not based on an “absurd assumption” nor was it “contradictory”

The Insurance companies WON because they bought the GOP votes necessary to win House approval of the repeal of portions of the ACA.

The most important of which removes the requirement that Insurance companies cannot deny coverage for pre existing conditions.

Removing that one key provision of the ACA will save insurance companies millions of dollars and even add more money to their coffers because they can now set the price that people will have to pay for coverage that does not exclude pre existing conditions.

They got what they paid for.

The bill passed the House and now moves to the Senate where they will spend even more money trying to influence that vote.

No absurd assumption.

No contradiction.

We do agree on two points you made.

President Trump also lost because ultimately the Senate bill will have too many conflicts with the House version and in the end when the voices of the American public expressing their outrage grows the end result will be as you stated.

Obamacare remains intact.