CNN Special Report….Frustrated Hillary Clinton withdraws ! After 35 years of public service, untold numbers of wasted investigations, innuendo about everything under the sun, including murder to larceny. I now plan to enjoy my retirement from public service.

Clinton tells CNN that she is not running for President. I give up. Let Donald Trump be President.

Clinton tells CNN “I give up, I am withdrawing. Let Trump be President”

In a fictional jab at the GOP Right wing and Donald Trump Clinton tells CNN….They have worn me down, They won’t have Hillary Clinton to kick around anymore.

Then Clinton laughs and sternly states “ I am not a quitter and I never have been. The GOP has thrown everything at me including the kitchen sink.”

I don’t need the fame. I am already famous. I don’t need the money. I have wealth.

Clinton claims it is her passion to help people by trying to serve the public once AGAIN.

Clinton states she is running to continue and advance the progress that President Obama has made. I am running to energize Democrats at every level of government to get involved. I want Democrats to win not just the White House. I want our party to take back control of Congress, Win Governorships and State legislatures so that the GOP can’t gerrymander the redistricting that will occur after the 2020 Census.

Hillary Clinton has been accused of lying, stealing, being power hungry, negligent, corruption and even murder. Maybe she is CRAZY because what sane person would put up with the gossip, innuendos, and investigations that she has.

No person has had her closet searched so many times with perhaps the finest comb ever made and yet she has not been charged with any crime in her long career as a public servant.

Maybe she is CRAZY for sacrificing her private life for a year of campaigning, sometimes 12–14 hours a day. Why would any person sacrifice her life to fly from city to city across the Country to attend fundraisers, shake hands with people and hear stories of grief told my mothers and fathers who have lost a child to gun violence.

Why would anybody put up with the endless hours of interviews with journalist and and answer question after question about her plans for America and then actually give point by point details of her plans and even how she intends to PAY for them.

Unlike her husband, President Bill Clinton, she was not born and raised in a rural small town in a relatively small State. She was born in a very large suburb of Chicago which is part of one of the largest States in the Country, Illinois.

The untold truth is …..

Hillary Clinton scares the hell out of many people and has since she first appeared on the National stage in 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected President.

Why ?

Call me crazy, call me prejudiced, but I think many people, especially White men, fear the possibility of a WOMAN as President.

Would we even be having this discussion if a candidate seeking to be elected President had as much experience both domestically and in foreign affairs if that person was a MAN ?

I Doubt it.

Just today the Director of the FBI announced that after nearly a year of investigation into the propriety of Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State the FBI found no intent by Clinton to commit a violation of criminal laws and that the FBI would be recommending that the Attorney General not file charges against Clinton.

The director of the FBI stated that Clinton’s actions involving maybe 100 out of 60,000 or more emails was recklessly careless.

The evening news shows emphasized the characterization of “recklessly careless “ before stating the overall finding that there should be no criminal charges brought against Clinton.

Clinton has already admitted to a lack of judgement by use of a private email server.

Now consider this one incident of admitted lack of judgement by Clinton and weigh that against the racist, bigoted, irresponsible rants coming from the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump who is totaling lacking in experience of any kind and whose views scare our closest allies.

Let’s not forget to mention the ongoing investigations in his defrauding money from thousands of people in the Trump University venture and the fact that he will not release his tax returns.

Yet Trump seems to get almost a free pass from the press when it comes to providing details about his planes and how to pay for them.

Double Standard…?

You bet it is. This higher standard applied to Hillary Clinton is, as I once referred to it as the Standard of SAINTHOOD.

It it is a standard not applied to any other candidates and one which is virtually impossible to live up to.

Yet the media seems to be blind to the existence of a Double Standard.

Why ? Perhaps ratings now Trump’s journalistic ethics.

The plain truth is that unlike other democracy’s in the World that have had female Presidents and Prime Ministers as their leaders. That cannot be said for the U.S. which has for over Two Hundred years never elected a Woman to hold the office of President.

Keep the faith Hillary.

You were the 1st First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt to transform the position from serving tea and cookies to being an advocate,

You were the 1st First Lady to run for and be elected and serve as a U.S. Senator.

You are about to be the First Woman nominated by a major political party to be it’s nominee for President. You will become the First woman elected to the office of President on November 8, 2016 and

You will become the First woman inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017

You go girl… !!!

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