Foods That Help You Feel Good

Your diet can help take the edge off as the seasons change. Find out the foods that help you feel good.

As the length of our days and the temps outside begin to change, staying “up” and keeping a positive state-of-mind is a struggle for some people. And with so many cakes, cookies, candies, alcohol and fat-laden comfort foods all around us at get-togethers and such, the temptation to eat our way to happiness can take a toll on our waistlines and health. There are certain foods that impact your mood and well-being by injecting valuable chemicals and nutrients into your bloodstream.

Eating to get well…

If you have health issues or want to keep your mind sharp, you should eat MORE of certain foods, especially when watching what you eat is a major concern (weight loss, diabetes, etc.).

There are tons of foods known to have medicinal properties — onions fix acne problems, cherry juice can help you sleep, dark chocolate can boost your mood. Check out the links below and find out some common “food fixes” to try when you have things ailing you!

Keep an eye on this blog post for more tips, lists and menus. You can trust that finding a reason to eat good food is always at the top of my list!

Foods That Can Fix Your Health Problems

Eating to feel better…

There are many foods that help improve your frame of mind — foods and meals that taste good while having nutrients that go to work on the areas of your biology that control mood! There are some weeks where you might find all the items on this list in my grocery cart!

Say Goodbye to Stress with These 5 Foods
Foods That End Bad Moods
Foods to Boost Bad Moods of Every Kind

Eating to get smarter…

If you are looking for foods that help you feel good and give you that edge in work or school, make certain your brain is getting the right nourishment! Click below and get a list of some foods that are known to give the brain that little extra boost!

Foods That Make You Smarter

Remember to get wet!

And while speaking of feeling better, it is important to remember the importance of WATER to our physical AND mental well being. We all know the obvious harm that can come to your body from too little water. Being even a little dehydrated can have a range of effects on us — mood, energy level, and mental awareness.

Everyone’s hydration factor (the amount of water the body needs to be adequately hydrated) is different. Here is a handy calculator that helps you take many things into consideration to make sure you are drinking enough water every day:

Hydration Calculator

Photo: “Chicken Broth Soup” by Chandra Marsono/Flickr Creative Commons

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