How Pools Make You Sick

If you think your eyes are red because there’s too much chlorine in the pool, think again… actually it is because there’s not ENOUGH chlorine! Read this blog to find out how pools make you sick.

An article on has me turned off from swimming anytime soon. It describes how pools make you sick — very sick.

The story details the response from surveys of adults who hit the pool a lot. Many admitted to ‘tinkling’ in the pool or getting in the pool while suffering from runny noses, diarrhea, cuts or skin problems! Ewww! And the parasite found in diarrhea is resistant to chlorine.

The responses were not surprising and justified my reason for avoiding the pool at my apartment complex. No matter how hot it is outside or how cute some of the swimmers look, swimming is no bueno for me!

How sick can you get?

The story goes on to discuss some of the ailments that might befall you from swimming with these people. Sickness from “fecal contamination,” eye irritation and shortness of breath are some of the symptoms of exposure to “organic chloramine.” This is the chemical result of combining the ammonia found in sweat or urine with chlorine — ugh!

Beware people who let babies play in the pool, diaper and all! That pool is NOT for you! Fecal matter and urine are hazardous wastes even if it came from a little baby tush or teeter! That pool can make you sick… no, that pool WILL make you sick!

Checking pools is required, right? NOT!

There is no national standard for pool safety. In some communities, there is no rule for regular testing of public pools. The pool at your hotel or rec center could go weeks or months without a test for safe levels.

So if you see me at a pool party chillin’ on the sidelines with some fly gear on, don’t accuse me of trying to be cute.

It’s just that organic chloramine ain’t my thing.

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If you think you will be safe if you just keep an eye out for the water to change color, think again…

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While traveling or visiting friends this summer, be sure to ask the awkward question: how often do you test your pool? Or, make sure the pool you are using is safe: take along a kit so you can test the pool before jumping in and test it the entire time you are there.

Order your free kit here: Get Your Free Pool Test Kit

If you are having folks over to play in your pool, give everyone peace of mind and let them see you test your pool every few hours — then have the results displayed on the patio for all to see!

Pool Test Kits At Wal-Mart

Here’s some pool safety food for thought — if someone has a near-drowning incident, they should probably seek emergency care even though the incident is over:

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Even if your kids enjoyed their day in the water with no incidents, they could suffer from drowning hours later:

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Catch A Wave? No, thank you!

Prefer ocean/beach swimming because pools can make you sick? It gets worse — northern Cali beaches consistently get failing grades when it comes to water quality!

Northern California Beaches Dominate List Of State’s Dirtiest

Check out this photo — it shows how crab larva, bacteria, fish eggs, and even worms fill every drop of ocean water! Imagine gulping a few ounces of that while you are splashing along…

A Single Drop Of Sea Water, Magnified 25 Times

If tubing down the river or a dip in the lake is more your speed, you might want to re-think that…

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Photo: “Nenette in the swimming pool” by Francois Martinier/Flickr Creative Commons

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