How To Make Weight Loss Easy

Find out how to make weight loss easy. Read this blog if you want to make some progress in losing weight and keeping it off. Find out how forty pounds has left my body for good!

The years since 2012 have been a real eye-opener for me! There’s been lots of weight-loss, some gaining it back and then losing it again. The journey has brought with it many changes in my daily routine, my eating habits, and made me more aware of how to lose weight and keep it off — all without “dieting.” The key is learning exactly how many calories my body needs. When we take in more calories than we can burn the body stores the leftover calories as fat! Understanding this fact and incorporating it into my lifestyle has made it easy to lose weight and keep it off! Read more about how my journey began HERE

If slimming down and staying slim is one of your goals — or battles — check out the links below and find out some great knowledge that might help you meet your goals. Check back to this blog often, because digging up this type of info is job number one for me!

Use your phone to get smart about losing weight

My smartphone is my main weapon. The MyFitnessPal app makes it very convenient to keep track of my calories eaten AND my nutrients. The info is ‘crowd-sourced’ — meaning the millions of people who use the app are adding info to the database every day, so most everything that might be on my menu is in the app. There is a cool bar code scanner that makes adding to the database simple. A few taps updates my meal diary!

MFP helps me plan out my next meal and gets me the info I need about spontaneous decisions.

Get the MyFitnessPal app

 How To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

 Find Out The Day You Are Most Likely To Weigh More — And Why

Let’s move!

Of course, it is also important to do more than count calories — burning a few hundred a day is also required! This article outlines one of my main tactics in calorie burning:

Burn 600 EXTRA Calories a Week

Losing on the weekend

If weekends tend to throw you off track from your goals, find out why you should plan for being thrown off and how to get back on point:

Weekend Weight Gain: How To Avoid It
How Not To Gain Weight Over The Weekend
Burn Calories While You Sleep
Lower The Thermostat, Whittle Your Waistline

Fill up on protein

One key to healthy weight loss is making sure your diet incorporates the right amount of protein. In fact, often I go heavy on the protein foods to help get through a day with a minimum of snacking. Find out the protein-rich foods to eat by reading these stories:

201 High-Protein Snacks Anyone Can Make Right Now
Protein: Your Secret Weight-Loss Weapon

 Ways to Add Extra Protein to Every Meal

High-Protein Snacks

One downside of using MyFitnessPal is that I can sometimes get into a rut of only eating foods I’ve already deemed as “safe” to my daily calorie count. But, variety is the spice of life — and the key to staying interested in eating right.

Secret-Weapon Foods For Weight Loss

Get educated on how to read the labels on your favorite foods — make sure you know what you are eating!

A Real Person’s Guide to Understanding Nutrition Labels

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