My Soul Looks Back and Wonders: A Critical Examination of the Wonder Woman Movie
Son of Baldwin

Thank you for this insightful conversation. As a kid, I was a die-hard fan of DC Comics. As an adult, my woke state of mind has made watching today’s comic films a dissonant experience. I wanted to see the Wonder Woman film, hoping that it might be the one movie that would step outside the box.

Having read your review, I am now uncertain if seeing this film will be a priority. A mammy?! Beating the Black warrior with a stick?! You have to be kidding me! And, your description makes me think this was a movie about Steve Trevor and his love for Wonder Woman, instead of it being a movie about Wonder Woman.

I am so done with Hollywood feeding us stereotypes, all in the name of profit. Your review reveals that an opportunity to use an iconic character to ‘flip the script’ was squandered.

Some of the people commenting here have been bold enough to thank you for opening their eyes to the hurtful imagery perpetuated by this film. Let’s hope your review falls on the right eyes and drives some fruitful conversations.