2017 ALCS New York Yankees vs Houston Astros Game 7

Game 6 was close until the later innings and the Yankees had plenty of opportunities to get into this game but failed to do so. They missed or fouled off a lot of mistakes and in my opinion the big inning was when Gary Sanchez had the check swing ground ball on a 3–0 count. Houston added on runs in the 8th and put the game away. This breakdown is simple because both pitchers need to execute to stay alive.

The Gameplan:

  • Keep the ball down and don’t have the big inning. Neither pitcher will be allowed to have a big inning because this is an all hands on deck game. Whoever can have success and get outs, extending them into the game and allowing the best relievers to be used will be most effective.
  • Manage base runners. Runners are probably going to be on base and they can’t be given extra bases. Walks will be killer in this game because you can’t keep them from scoring again and again.
  • Shutdown innings. If either pitchers team scores first, the following inning will be key. CC or Morton will have to try and get a 1,2,3 inning or at least keep them scoreless. Putting the pressure right back on the other pitcher in an elimination game can give either team the lead they need.

The Difference Makers:

  • The pitchers. If either pitcher can get into the 5th or 6th inning throwing up zeros then they’ll have a good chance to win.
  • The bullpens. I don’t see either starter going that deep into this game so they’ll be heavily reliant on their bullpen. There will be a very unorthodox approach to the bullpen tonight because starters will be coming out of the pen. The Yankees have the edge in quality arms but you never know with rumors of Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander pitching out of the pen.
  • Hitters. This entire series, the Yankees and Astros offenses have been fairly quiet, these are the top two scoring teams in the league and I really think this might be the game they show up. If they do this game will be wild.

Bold Predictions:

  • Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. If the offenses heat up tonight these two are extremely dangerous and can wreck the game for the Astros. They can spark the team with one swing. Altuve and Correa need to be that for Houston.
  • Astros bullpen. They’ve been bad and given no credit but if they throw up zeros tonight they’re most likely going to win this game. It’ll be a surprise but you never know.
  • It’s Game 7 and weird things happen. I’m going to take Aaron Hicks and Marwin Gonzalez as surprises to do something big. Ronald Torreyes sticks out too.

It’s Game 7. Anything can happen. Will the Yankees stay on their magical underdog run or the Astros take care of business at home?

Go Yankees!!!!

I’d love to hear your opinions positive or negative. DM me to talk pitching!

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