The Drake Factor — It’s Inside of You

Learn how to

Own your path to persuasion and purchase.

Why success is no longer in the hands of a few it’s with ‘me to many’.

In music talent matters most. In can come in the form of a creator, collaborator, performer or all three. Some capture the zeitgeist, the defining spirit or mood of a particular period while others make music that transcends time.

What also matters is being discovered. Creation and promotion have had a symbiotic but not always healthy relationship. Having a handful of Promotors, Radio Influencers and Record Labels control an industry produced genius and at times a level of mistrust if the artist(s) felt they were disadvantaged.

Creation and Content Amplification have undergone massive change. An individual can now own the path to persuasion and purchase. Not all have capitalized on the opportunity.

A composer, equipped with a Digital Audio Stations like Logic Pro X can create self-publish music, without a label or studio. The downside is a marketplace of abundance, where the supply of music vastly trumps demand. Much content is free; most go unnoticed. The reality is there is an abundance of brands, and talented individuals in almost every market sector.

‘Me to Many’ is a New Model for your Marketplace

I coined a new phrase to reflect this change. ‘Me to Many’ is a new model for anyone pursuing a career, or in charge of the stewardship of brands.

The ‘Me’ is the Artist(s), Career Minded Individual, Marketer, Advisor. A musician, for example, is no longer dependent to promoters, labels or radio stations to pay attention or to promote their music. They can seed their content and create demand. The ‘many’ are the fans who, when engaged, can purpose/repurpose, manipulate and amplify the content. The more influential the fan, the better.

Anyone can own the path to persuasion and purchase. A marketer, for example, is no longer dependent on a retailer to list their project; they can create demand and then sell their product or service online. A career minded individual can self-publish. A marketer can strike an emotional chord through branded content that is worthy of sharing.

Few understand ‘Me to Many’ better than Drake. Let’s look at how he does it.

Talent Matters

(Drake has won 40 Major Awards)

Drake has immense talent. He is also a singer, songwriter, and rapper who produces, more often than not, with the same team. Each time they collaborate they push themselves to do better.

However, talent isn’t enough. His competition also puts out an extraordinary body of work.

Persona Matters

Drake counters many of his ‘street cred’ contemporaries who often draw on the ‘angst and mad as hell’ personality well. He has a positive personality, humility, and generosity. His smile is engaging. He shares the spotlight with others.

Backstory Matters

Drake understands that your environment is part of the backstory. Many of his contemporaries share a country, some define themselves by East or West Coast, Drake owns a city. He is both ambassador and impresario of Toronto. Tattooed on his torso is Toronto’s 416 area code. He sits courtside at Raptors Games and has led a ‘We the North’ branding renaissance for the team that is the envy of the NBA.

Amplification Matters

Drake knows that each of his fans has their social media publishing empire. Most are starving for content. He feeds their appetite with teasers, pop-up stores, building takeovers, commentary, memes, images and songs that are not only easy to share but easy to be manipulated. Buzz Feed declared him the most ‘memeable’ Rapper on the Planet. Through all of this Drake drives an even deeper connection with his fan base and benefits from tens if not hundreds of millions of free impressions in both social and mass media.

The Company that you Keep Matters

Drake gets ‘less is more’. He surrounds himself with a handful of winning brands. Apple Music will be sponsoring his Summer Sixteen Tour with Future. Nike has signed him as both a spokesperson and creator.

Brand Extensions Matter

Drake’s OVO (October’s Very Own) Brand powers an Annual Festival and a growing Merchandise Empire. His acting skills are proven, and there is no doubt that Hollywood is breaking down his door with offers.

All of which means that Drake is now challenging Jay-Z and Kayne’s for the Hip Hop Throne.

‘Me to Many’ is where you will find your Drake Factor.

Your ability to own the path to persuasion and purchase.

1)Your Talent Matters — we all have unique talents that others want and need. Focus and perfect them. Collaborate with people that you trust. Grow together. Create content worth sharing.

2)Your Persona Matters — you can’t change your personality, but in a marketplace drowning in clutter and negativity countering with positive energy, a sharing and caring mentality breaks through.

3)Your Backstory Matters — where you came from and what you learned on your journey. It’s your story and stage. Draw upon it to create thought leadership and narrative worth sharing.

4)Your Amplification Matters — build your social media empire. Self-promote but don’t be self-absorbed. It’s not what or how you do it, it’s why it matters to others.

5)The Company that you keep Matters — what are your interests? Where are you heading in life? What Linked In groups have you joined? How often do you network outside of the work environment?

6)Your Brand Extensions Matter — In the ‘gig economy’ you need to broaden your skill set and value proposition. Reimagine, Reinvent, React.

Find Your Drake Factor — Be ‘Me to Many’.

Marketer, Advisor, Career Minded Individual

Own the path to persuasion and purchase.

You can react directly with me at Tony Chapman Reactions or @TonyChapman. I deliver personalized, ‘kick ass’ keynotes all over the world. I pack each one with unique and relevant insights, ideas and strategies that your audience can use to their advantage the second their conference is over. Here are a handful of client testimonials.

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