Trends in Multifamily Housing

Since 2013, Tony DiTucci has functioned as the vice president of DGA Builders, LLC, in Pittsford, New York. As such, Tony DiTucci manages multifamily housing projects while fulfilling his other professional obligations.

In 2017, urban multifamily housing is popular among two specific different demographic bases. Whereas empty nesters often prefer to downsize after their children move out, millennials generally eschew commuting in favor of walkable communities.

Both groups are attracted to professionally landscaped properties with well-lit walkways, and despite different schedules, they can happily coexist if the buildings have sufficient soundproofing.

Owners of multifamily properties are often well rewarded for investments in luxury amenities such as hardwood floors and high-end furniture in common areas. Rock climbing walls, infinity pools, and wine rooms are also popular with discriminating multifamily tenants.

Going green is another way to entice renters. Sustainable living is fashionable in 2017, and services such as composting, renewable energy, and parking for bicycles can generate intentional communities and contented renters.