Tony Donaldson, Jr. Candidate for DC State Board of Education (At-Large), with some of the supporters from the Official Campaign Kickoff on April 29, 2016 at the Ellington Theatre @ Garnet-Patterson.

We Are Ready!

I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support shown by my neighbors, friends, and family on yesterday as we officially kicked off this campaign for the DC State Board of Education (At-Large). From those that sent warm messages of love on social media to those who joined me at Ellington, I thank you from the bottom of my heard.

Last night, we lined the street of Vermont Ave. with #TonyforDC yard signs, pulled in some balloons and kicked off this campaign the right way. As I said last night, unlike other candidates, I refused to develop and release a platform based on my own ideas without consulting those I intend to serve — that’s not leaderships and that’s not the type of representation we want of the board. Instead, we want leadership that reflects the needs of the people. Over the last few weeks, my team and I hit the streets, and we can say that we have identified FOUR basic principles from which our platform will grow:

  1. Focus on S.T.E.A.M: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics
  2. College and Life Readiness Integration into Curriculum
  3. Investigation of Common Core and Standardized Testing (Moving towards developing relevant individualized learning plans, and alternative ways of assessments)
  4. Community Engagement in ALL decision making for our schools. (Parent, Teacher, Student engagement)

This is only the start, and in the coming months as I engage more with our residents, we will be able to list detailed items I look to accomplish once elected to the DC State Board of Education.

“This change is long overdue, far too many of my brothers and sisters have fell through the cracks of schools in Washington, DC. By definition, insanity means doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting to get a different result. This year, I’m asking you to break the cycle of insanity and take a leap of faith so we can break the status quo and shake up the DC State Board of Education. Yes, it’s gonna take us electing an 18 year old young black man from NW, DC to let the World know that the next generation of leaders is here and WE ARE READY!”

Love you madly!

Tony Donaldson, Jr.

Friends for Tony Donaldson

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