Book Preface — (From the Medium Serialized Book “From The Edges of My Memory”)

In my early days, the important days, everything I had that was important was taken from me. Not by a catastrophe…not by a calamity but slowly one by one. This is the story of the losses and the gains and an attempt to make sense of it all.

Although the nature of this book is autobiographical its contents will not be pulled from the clearer memories of my adulthood or latter youth. My aim is to skate into the dark ages of memory — -into places that I point to and which return in dreams and visions and quests and pursuits. This piece is found in long-lost memories that tantalize and attempt to bring us back. Thus as stories are reassembled, like the archaeologist trying to complete a fossil record from only segmented bones, the story will have it’s share of gaps and perhaps even contradictions. I recall the words of Napoleon: “What is history but a fable agreed upon”.

It is not the fact but the fantasy that I pursue; not the reality or the real but the fertile ground in which a life grew. It is my hope that in my story you will find encouragement to chase your own deeply hidden past lying on the outer edges of your own memory.

One thing further needs to be noted. I have vowed to not return to any of the sites of my childhood that are still in existence until after this work is completed. I have already walked the streets and tenanted buildings long demolished, and seen friends long gone in dream after dream. there is no need to return at least not yet. I wish the memories to be unaffected by the reality of today and hopes not dashed as reality and memory collide. For I must wonder is this truly my tale or my destiny rushing around me like a pebble in a river. let’s find out together…