Crooked Iain McNicol, Labour’s General Secretary, Rides Again

McNicol refuses to discipline the Jewish Labour Movement’s Violent Ella Rose, who threatened to ‘take out’ Jackie Walker

Ella Rose’s threats — ‘understandable’ according to crooked McNicol
Iain ‘crooked’ McNicol turned a blind eye to threats of violence from Zionist Rose

On 20th January I submitted a letter of complaint to Iain McNicol, Labour’s crooked General Secretary concerning the threats of violence by Ella Rose of the Jewish Labour Movement against Jackie Walker. Jackie was suspended in September 2016 for ‘anti-Semitism’ after having been fitted up by the JLM after a ‘training session’ on ‘anti-Semitism’ at the Labour Party Annual Conference.

Unsurprisingly, despite receiving a formal acknowledgment, I received no other response from our crooked friend. So I have sent him a second letter.

The idea that a group which is affiliated to the Israeli Labour Party is in any position to run anti-racist training is itself the height of parody. It’s like asking a wife beater to run a woman’s refuge or appointing Count Dracula as head of the blood transfusion service!

Jim Kennedy of Unite obtained the solicitor’s letter

The ILP’s leader Isaac Herzog is no slouch when it comes to racism. Herzog recently declared that his nightmare was waking up to find that Israel had a Palestinian Prime Minister and 61 Palestinian Members of Israel’s Knesset . Who needs the Right when we have Isaac Herzog? Herzog also recently declared that he wanted to dispel the false impression that the ILP were ‘Arab Lovers’ Herzog slammed for remark about ‘Arab lovers’. To gauge the full import of these remarks just consider that someone had said their nightmare was to wake up and find Britain had a Jewish Prime Minister or that the Labour Party was not a ‘Jew lovers’ party. The term ‘Jew lover’ and ‘N***** Lover’ used to be part of the language of the National Front and BNP. The fact that it trips off the tongue of the head of Israeli Labour should be an indication of what Zionism and the JLM are really about.

Jackie and a number of other Jewish and non-Jewish anti-racists attended the JLM’s ‘training session’ which was secretly recorded and comments made by Jackie were twisted and distorted to make it appear that her comments were ‘anti-Semitic’. You can read what it was that Jackie said here.

Last summer, when Jeremy Corbyn was standing for leader, McNicol was arranging the suspension of thousands of Labour Party members on the most bogus of pretexts such as someone posting that they liked the ‘fucking foo fighters’. A hint of the word scab, traitor etc was guaranteed to get you suspended. But when the JLM’s Director, the racist Ella Rose, threatened physical violence against a much older Black woman, she is pardoned by crooked Iain McNicol.

Solicitor’s letter to Crooked McNicol p.1
Solicitor’s letter to Crooked McNicol p.2
Solicitor’s letter to Crooked McNicol p.3
Solicitor’s letter to Crooked McNicol p.4

This is not, of course the first time Crooked McNicol has been accused of, well, being a crook. In July 2016 McNicol was busy attempting to fix the Labour Party elections in order to ensure that Corbyn was kept off the ballot paper. Unfortunately Corbyn, when he was re-elected leader, didn’t call for the dismissal of McNicol because of his treacherous and dishonest behaviour. I use the word ‘dishonest’ advisedly.

Solicitors letter to Crooked McNicol saying he deliberately deceived Corbyn & McDonnell

In a solicitor’s letter sent on 11th July on behalf of Jim Kennedy of UNITE, McNicol was accused of ‘bad faith’. It accused him of having gone to ‘great lengths to conceal your intentions from the leader and the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer’. It informed him that as General Secretary ‘you have an obligation to uphold the rules of the Labour Party and not breach them .’ It said his behaviour in leaking information to the Press which he had kept from Jeremy Corbyn was a ‘potentially serious disciplinary matter.’ It went on to say that ‘You have an obligation as General Secretary to act in good faith’ and to act openly and transparently. In particular the letter said that the National Committee meeting, which agreed that Corbyn could stand, had been called in a manner which ‘has all the hallmarks of anything but “open democracy.”

A warning to McNicol not to think about destroying documents

The letter expressed its fears that the meeting had been called “to manufacture a situation whereby Jeremy Corbyn’s name will be omitted from the leadership ballot.’ The letter went on to effectively accuse McNicol of fraud. It said that despite obtaining advice from barristers Mark Henderson and Michael Mansfield QC that Corbyn’s name must be on the ballot paper, McNicol had tried to hide this advice from the NEC. The letter threatened injunctive action against McNicol and warned him that the ‘destruction, deletion or concealment of relevant evidence is a very serious matter for the courts.

The NEC meeting which voted narrowly, by 16–14 to include Corbyn’s name on the ballot paper also disenfranchised 130,000 new members of the Labour Party. Undoubtedly Crooked McNicol was party to this too and the letter also asked him who was instructing him to carry out his devious behaviour. The answer to this is the devious Right-winger Tom Watson, Corbyn’s treacherous deputy. Watson’s behaviour reminds one of Oscar Wilde’s comment that he has every quality of a dog except loyalty.

See Free Speech on Israel

Solicitor’s letter saying they don’t trust Crooked McNicol’s intentions

Jewish Women condemn Labour’s tolerance of JLM threats

Thirteen Jewish female members of the Labour Party have called for a review of a decision by general secretary Iain McNicol on a complaint brought against former Israeli Embassy employee Ella Rose, who now heads a pro-Israel lobby group affiliated to the Labour Party, the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM).

They say Ella Rose’s abusive and threatening behaviour, caught on camera in a documentary film, The Lobby, is intimidating to them as campaigners for Palestinian rights and critics of the state of Israel.

Solicitor’s letter to Crooked McNicol reminding him of the obligation to act in good faith

The swift, discrete and sympathetic handling of Rose’s case contrasts markedly with treatment meted out to many party members who have been unjustly charged with antisemitism, suspended from membership and subjected to months’ long investigations, often in the full glare of publicity, through processes with scant regard for principles of natural justice…..


We do not believe you and your team have demonstrated the impartiality that members of the party have the right to expect and we will therefore be contacting members of the National Executive Committee and the National Constitutional Committee to ask for a review of your inadequate investigation.


Jo Bird, Northern Ireland CLP

Li Doran, Tottenham CLP

Rosamine Hayeem, Harrow East CLP

Beverley Krell, Cheadle CLP

Leah Levane, Hastings and Rye CLP

Susanne Levin, Cities of London & Westminster CLP

Kay Manasseh, Streatham CLP

Jenny Salaman Manson, Finchley and Golders Green CLP

Angie Mindel, Nottingham East CLP

Diana Neslen, Ilford South CLP

Amanda Sebestyen, Holborn and St Pancras CLP

Vanessa Stilwell, Dulwich and West Norwood CLP

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Chingford and Woodford Green CLP

Second Letter of Complaint from Tony Greensteinto Iain ‘Crooked’ McNicol

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Iain ‘Crooked’ McNicol

General Secretary

The Labour Party


105 Victoria Street

London SW1E 6QT

Dear Mr McNicol,

I submitted a complaint to you by email on 20th January concerning threats of violencemade by Ella Rose, the Director of the Jewish Labour Movement. The threats were made against Jackie Walker, a Black-Jewish member of the Labour Party who has been suspended since last September on bogus charges of anti-Semitism and whose investigation hearing has yet to take place. Despite receiving an automatic acknowledgment of my email, I have not yet had a response to my letter…..


Your decision to rush through an ‘investigation’ of Ms Rose when I have been suspended for 11 months already is entirely understandable in the circumstances.

Kind regards as always,

Tony Greenstein

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