Momentum vs. Inertia
Laura Catriona Murray

Where does one start with this very long article? I wasn’t at the NC meeting so it is difficult to comment on what took place there. I am a humble member of Brighton and Hove Momentum, whose party has been suspended and which received no support from Momentum nationally.

Along with Free Speech on Israel I picketted the Steering Committee which removed Jackie Walker as Vice Chair because it was one more concession to the Zionists who have been waging a wholly false campaign alleging ‘anti-Semitism.’ I am also a Jewish member of the Labour Party suspended in March for, I assume from the Telegraph and Times (because I have never been officially told) for ‘anti-Semitism’. I also detest the politics of the AWL! But I equally detest the fact that Jon Lansman was working closely with the Jewish Labour Movement whose agenda is to use ‘anti-Semitism’ as a scarecrow to frighten people away from supporting the Palestinians and which is the British wing of the Israeli Labour Party, a thoroughly racist party. Jon Lansman, like the AWL, has given credibility to the ‘anti-Semitism’ allegations which have no foundation in fact.

The fact that the JLM has not uttered one word of criticism of the ILP for its welcome to Donald Trump and his assortment of genuine anti-Semites speaks volumes.

As for the question of OMOV. I am not a Trotskyist but I am a Marxist and I don’t believe that there is any substitute for face to face meetings and debate and dialogue. That is what local groups are about, that is what campaigning is about. The proposals for a virtual conference and OMOV was a recipe for Jon Lansman and friends to retain control of Momentum. Yes the no. of subscribers and members is gold dust but the companies that own this gold dust just have Lansman as director!

As for support for Jeremy Corbyn. Yes it’s incredibly important that he is supported but uncritical support is useless. The major problem in the Labour Party for the left is the existence of the existing civil service that carried out and is still carrying out a witch hunt. Yet there is no mention of t his in the above blog post. There is a real problem of Jeremy presiding over a PLP which is hostile. what my real fear is that Lansman wants Momentum to be a stage army that is called into battle when required but is otherwise quiescent.

Above all it is the contempt for democracy that worries me, not the trivia of a tiny trostskyist sect of around 100 members.

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