An open letter to Owen Jones
Darrell Kavanagh

Yes a good, albeit mild response. My fear is that Owen Jones is once again seeking a way of beating a retreat.

When the media manufactured ‘anti-Semitism’ nonsense came into prominence around Oxford University Labour Club — its Chair had resigned saying members had a problem with Jews, although he only found this out when they voted to support Oxford’s Israel Apartheid Week — he insisted that there was a real problem of anti-Semitism. He refused to see that the allegations were being kicked around by people like Alex Chalmers (above) who had been an intern for the Israeli propaganda organisation BICOM.

Jones seemed oblivious to the fact that all anti-Zionists and Palestine solidarity supporters are ritually accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ — by supporters of Israel — the most racist state in the world. He was so hung up on identity politics that form him we had to take false allegations as if they were true on principle.

I don’t therefore have any confidence in Owen Jones not to morph into a gay version of Nick Cohen.

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