Swivel your gaze over the discourse of the day, especially in our current world of — what are we calling it this week? “Unprecedented times”? — and you’ll find swathes of conversations happening about The Future Of Work™.

If you believe what many have to say, the future of work is freelancing

This future is largely considered equal parts a healthy dose of remote working, which everyone knows how to do but actually only enacts with varying forms of reluctance, as well as lots of lovely and long overdue chatter about work life balances and healthier management styles and overall…

You can tell a lot about a company by whether or not they fill their recruitment advertisements with cheery ping-pong table bragging. For whatever reason, these miniature tennis courts are the pinnacle of easygoing startup culture — the symbol that a company is either a fast moving challenger brand going shoulder to shoulder with the sluggish giants, or one of the sluggish giants trying urgently to shake off such a cumbersome mantle.

Photo by Dennis Cortés on Unsplash

By and large, companies who advertise their ping-pong table really want you to think they’re onto a good thing in some way. Companies who don’t insist on weirdly…

The life-sim game genre has exploded in popularity in the last couple of decades in ways few people could have predicted, not least since gaming to this day has a reputation as a medium fixated on violence, mayhem and saccharine eye-candy urgently foisting one distraction after the next in front of the player.

Yet all you need to do to realise the more laid back life-sim is indeed alive and well is soak up some of the sweetness that is Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch (which still deserves StreetPass, by the way).

“…Might need a longer ladder.”

Launching just as the snot…

Is your business ready to take the plunge and hire a writer? Congratulations! This is an enormous positive step in the right direction, as it means you are well positioned to leverage the bountiful gobs of cash on offer if you tickle the udders of the great Google algorithm just right for that sweet, sweet ad revenue and SEO linkage.

Similarly, your catalogue of products is definitely going to need descriptions, and you’re much too busy and important to write those for yourself — plus people have this problematic habit of criticising your use of spelling and grammar, as if…

You’ve got to love the timeless PMA — that positive mental attitude. Lauded by middle management, preached by New Age influencers aplenty, encouraged by every unemployment work coach who’s run out of businesses for you to go bother. Stay positive! Keep going! Thank the little things!

Of course, there’s plenty to be said for positive thinking, and this article certainly isn’t intent on tearing down what’s proven to be a valuable, motivating, inspiring and genuinely productive outlook. …

When Nintendo hits it out of the park, they tend to go all in — and that’s definitely been the case for the Nintendo Switch. The plucky little handheld hybrid that could has, after all, now comfortably eclipsed its esteemed SNES ancestor in sales numbers, and is the hottest must-have machine on the market today.

Cast your mind back to the system’s launch, though, and one thing that was often applauded when the machine came out was its interface. …

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