I’m Starting 2016 2/2!

When you are establishing yourself and your brand as an authority in an industry it is important to be historically accurate. It’s important to flex your skill, hustle and knowledge to prove a point to the onlookers in your industry. As apart of that ideology I’ve been betting big on two things dating back to August 2015. Thing one: Twitter video is the best way to gain engagement on Twitter. Thing two: Snapchat is the best place to story tell and build depth of relationships on social media.

When you think about it from an outside perspective it sounds crazy that some guy that you’ve never heard of is yelling about two things that you’re unsure of. It all sounds crazy until it all becomes true. There are several things that happened over the last 4 and a half months that validated my bets and gave me tremendous credibility in the market place. I want to highlight just a few of them here.

The White House Joins Snapchat

When the White House joined snapchat it was almost like I won the lottery. Even though I had already been screaming that snapchat was the place for storytelling, building a brand and influence, that moment was validation. People had to actually stop and ask themselves “why would the POTUS need to be on snapchat?” “Why would we spend time and resources on a silly app that’s for kids?” After a few of those questions you realize that it’s not for kids and that there are only a few explanations. Either I’ve been right for the last few months and you’re late to the party or me and the White House professionals are both wrong. Possible, but not likely.

Twitter Allows Periscope streams to be watched from Twitter feed

With a vertical, content filled news feed its hard to stand out on Twitter. It’s hard to get the attention of the followers you’ve taken time to gain. Unless you use Twitter video. Video is a nice change of pace on Twitter and will allow you stand out amongst quotes, links and even images. This seemed all theoretical for some of you until Twitter integrated Periscope streams into their users news feed. This was validation that Twitter is acknowledging (again) that video is the best way to get people to engage with your content.

At only 12 days until the new year I’ve bet big and one big, twice! My company, The Tony R Sanders Company, is a startup company and these wins are vital to our growth. Companies want to hire agencies that know what they’re talking about and who have a history of being correct. It’s time to put the hustle in and show our worth in the market place. #HustleMustHappen They’ll be more wins to come this year. The only question is, will you be late to the party…again?

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