My Fear about Periscope Long Term is This…

I loved Twitter. In fact, I still love Twitter. However, in my opinion, Twitter has dropped the ball so many times over the last years when it comes to listening and serving their community.

There have been many suggestions, requests, rants and screams that have almost all gone seemingly ignored. My fear is that the same will happen to Periscope.

The fact that I can’t edit a tweet is RIDICULOUS! The fact that I don’t have control over what type of Periscope notifications I receive is RIDICULOUS! The problem is this: the further behind Periscope/Twitter gets on the requests and the cries of its community the more disconnected the community will feel from the platform.

Today, Twitter is almost a necessary evil. Twitter holds very little innate content. The majority of the content we view on Twitter is their from Vine, Periscope, YouTube or some other external source. Twitter is a dumping ground for content.

Periscope doesn’t have that same advantage. There’s a great opportunity for other platforms such as Team Blab and MeVee to “steal the show” sort of speak. This can be done simply by listening to and serving the streaming community. I don’t know if Periscope will change but if the last ten years of Twitter is any indication, we know that if they do it will be too late.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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