Painting Pictures

A blind man was sitting on a busy street corner near downtown Boston begging for money. He held a cardboard sign and sat next to an empty tin cup. The sign read: ‘Blind — Please help’. He was there for two weeks and no one gave him a single dime. One day a young advertising writer walked past and saw the blind man with his sign and his empty cup. He had compassion for the blind man and so he reached into his pocket and pulled out a marker from his pocket. He tooked the cardboard sign, turned it over and re-wrote the sign. The young advertising writer left and immediately people began putting money into the tin cup.

After a while, when the cup was overflowing, the blind man asked a stranger to read the sign to him.

“It says,” said the stranger, “Today’s a beautiful day. You can see it. I cannot.”

You can never underestimate the power of painting pictures with your words.


Originally published at on June 5, 2016.

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