The Power of Community

Your business and your brand will only be as strong as your relationships! The more genuine and quality relationships you build the stronger your brand will be!

Think about your favorite brand…think about who advocates for that brand. Do you hear more advertisements from Apple or do you hear more Apple users (or Apple haters) talking about Apple products. When building a community it’s important to remember that your brand belongs to the community! Your job is to be a good steward of the brand!

You can speak highly about your brand and spread the word about your brand as much as you’d like but a community will spread your brand further faster! As a good steward, your job is to:

1.) Listen to the community

2.) Add value to the community

3.) Serve the community

These rules are simple but effective. In fact, by operating by these rules a positive message has become viral and contagious on live streaming platform Periscope. 166 days ago I started, what was then a personal movement by the name of “Good Morning & God Bless” or #GMGB. GMGB is a mission that was started to spread positivity on social media across the globe. My hope was to inspire people to carry the positive message of GMGB to their neighborhoods and community.

I broadcasted the message of #GMGB for 98 days before the power of community kicked in. Since then #GMGB has been a global community movement! Broadcasters all over the world have been sharing the message of #GMGB on and offline from the US, Canada, London, Jamaica, Mexico, Belgium and Africa. This would not be possible without the power of community!

How are you using the power of community to build your brand?