Antony Green HSP Election Result Update

Leading election analyst reckons the growing ranks of the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society and its influence on the election outcome cannot be underestimated — potentially earning it a place at the negotiating table in the nation’s capital.

There’s now significant pressure for Pauline Hanson to get amongst it and get down to Sydney’s west for a HSP with Labor Senator Sam Dastyari.

More importantly, the Society — according to anectodal evidence in the form of chit chat across its membership — wants Ms Hanson to submit a review of the HSP she munches into and would like proof, preferably photographic, of the obligatory juice/topping spill onto at least one part of her clothing.

Only then can she experience why it is important that the practice of HSP collaborative review be enshrined in Australian law.

But Ms Hanson is understood to have a deep-seated resentment to Halal Snack Pack, believing it and its mates to be responsible for the murder of her shopping trolley and the disappearance of her groceries.

If they do meet, however, Mr Dastyari is expected to contribute a review, as he previously has, and has generally been a strong supporter of the Society and the HSP cause, culminating in his widely-publicised HSP catch up invitation to Ms Hanson on live TV on election weekend.

The HSP phenomenon now sees a thriving community in excess of 15,000 supported by a Facebook Page, a blog and online tools to find your nearest HSP including Snacky Locator, which lets you hunt down a HSP outlet using your postcode and Get Me HSP.

There’s even a Wikipedia entry for the popular snack delicacy sensation.

Meanwhile, Aussie media outlets have gone gangbusters one the issue, in some cases underscoring a lack of originality by using that same headlines, like “unpacking the Halal Snack Pack”.

There’s even news that the fish and chip shop at which Ms Hanson learned what was needed to be a politician, will be upgraded to a Halal Snack Pack outlet — they should honour her and call it ‘Hanson’s Halal Snack Packs’.

So, ABC TV’s election analyst is right — you can’t underestimate the growing influence of the HSPAS — but in terms of excitement due to anticipation of an election result — it appears that on July 6th, 2016 at 3.30pm, nothing’s firm!

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