Family With Newborn Flee To Hotel Despairing Marathon Ausgrid Outages After Cutbacks

Another ferocious storm — no more severe than others, except for some freak sinkhole action around Collaroy on the northern beaches — hit Greater Sydney again over the weekend and as usual there were power outages.

But these have been much longer, unacceptably longer. And it seems cutbacks by energy supply network operator @Ausgrid are to blame.

Among those suffering at the hands of Ausgrid’s unacceptable cutbacks — a young family coming home with a newborn on the northern beaches.

Ausgrid, meanwhile, has tried to hoodwink taxpayers into believing it’s all because extra attention is being paid to worker safety.

But worker safety and acceptable frontline services are not mutually exclusive.

Making NSW energy lean and mean for extra bucks in the privatisation process is being pursued at the expense of leaving customers in the dark and footing the personal costs of food needing disposal and in many cases, lost work time.

As the blackout extended a second day on some parts of the northern beaches, particularly around Manly Vale, Brookvale and Allambie Heights and some parts of Dee Why, the Atkins’ family was preparing for Plan B.

A few more unreliable @Ausgrid updates and the Atkins clan fled their Allambie Heights home for the more reliable facilities of a hotel room.

Facing reality — Ausgrid service statements mean little

Ausgrid reckons 18,000 customers are still without power and has repeated its familiar line about crews from other regions being called in — code for the reality it has cut too much meat off the bone.

(UPDATE 8/6/2016: This morning @Audgrid was reporting less than 100 properties were still waiting for power to be restored.)

This power restoration effort has been an unqualified disaster — and it will be interesting to see how Ausgrid will address its stuff-ups with frontline staffing levels.

Not Happy Jan — or whatever your name is at @Ausgrid HQ, in your warm office, your feet up on the desk, sipping your latte and munching on a warm croissant.

Here in suburbia, there was a moment I’d concluded my family’s minor predicament, being left freezing in the dark, may have been fortuitous. That was at the 1 1/2 day mark , when there was still a slim chance some of our food left without refrigeration would go the distance.

But as with it’s other core activities in this whole debacle, Ausgrid couldn’t even do the job of leaving us freezing in the dark — at the 2 1/2 day mark, the spoiled food needed chucking out.

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