“Halal…. is it meat you’re looking for?”

Lionel Richie plans to relaunch his classic track on CD single

Lionel Richie’s been accused of opportunism after relaunching worldwide hit, ‘Hello’, to mark Pauline Hanson’s election to the Australian Senate, including the new lyrics: “Halal, is it meat you’re looking for”.

The American star says he’s sick of the thieving antics of record companies and was handling the project himself, with the relaunched track to be released on CD single.

Richie has been facing some criticism for being too opportunist after he recently commented on the retirement of big name Argentinian footballer, Lionel Messi, on the basis they shared a first name.

Meanwhile, Queensland voters have been urged to stick to penis drawings on ballot papers after Hanson vote joke goes too far

Pauline Hanson (rear) & doppelganger Pauline Pantsdown:: “Pauline likes it up the back”.

The news that Pauline Hanson’s scooped — the same way she did fish and chips — the redkneck vote in QLD and is enroute to the Senate has been counter-balance with two worthy candidates for the critically important role of “taking the piss”.

There is talk of the imminent comeback of ‘Pauline Pantsdown’ (aka the talented Simon Hunt) who is ready to kick off some fun at Pauline Hanson’s expense.

So far, it seems, Pantsdown will be on a rotating roster with cheeky Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, who was thrilled to be rejected after offering to catch up with Hanson for a “Halal snack pack in Sydney western suburbs” during a Seven News live cross.

Queensland voters urged to avoid practical jokes like electing Hanson and stick to traditional informal voting gestures — in particular, drawing penises on ballot papers

People in Queensland now realise that what started off as just a bit of fun, voting for Pauline Hanson to see if she would “get in for a laugh”, isn’t so funny any more now that she has at least one seat in the Senate.

They’re being urged to stick to the traditional informal voting gesture of drawing a penis on the ballot paper next time round. Meanwhile, Hanson’s arch-nemesis, satirist Pauline Pantsdown is ready to dust off the routine Hanson found so annoying while serving as an elected member in Queensland Parliament almost 20 years ago.

Pantsdown had two songs poking fun at Hanson, ‘I Don’t Like It’ and ‘Backdoor Man’. The latter was so popular after its release in 1997 that ABC youth network had it on almost hourly rotation, but Hanson thought it was defamatory and successfully sought an injunction to prevent its airing in the Queensland Supreme Court.

Pantsdown performed a remixed version of ‘I Don’t Like It’ at the 2011 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Party during Bob Downe’s ‘Retro-Gras’ DJ set just days before Hanson announced her candidacy in the 2011 NSW state election.

Pantsdown also performed a remixed version of “I Don’t Like It” on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show on 22 May 2012. Nearing the end of the performance, Hunt undid a rainbow-coloured button-up shirt and revealed a T-shirt with the slogan “ABBOTT is INSIDE me” written on it, with a caricature of Tony Abbott’s head beneath it.

This time round, Pantsdown’s antics are less likely to intimidate Hanson, who’s been working on her own singing and dancing routines. She had the opportunity to show off her glittery outfits and ballroom manoeuvres recently on Seven hit show ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

In 2009 Sydney’s The Sunday Telegraph ran photographs it claimed to have been of Hanson, dating back to the 70s, but was later forced to apologise to Hanson after it emerged the newspaper was duped by a serial prankster.

But Hanson had an insatiable drive to polish her vocals to give her the ability to be an all-round entertainer. The video below of her belting out some jazz has received mixed reviews.

In September 2004, Hanson launched the campaign for her election to the Australian Senate, but had to wait at another 12 years before the relentless carry-on by politicians vilifying ‘boat people’, asylum seekers and refugees allowed her to rude a xenophobic wave to a seat in the nation’s upper house.

“In times like these all I can think to do is doodle,” accomplished brow and moustache stylist Xavier Thomas said modestly, lamenting the weekend’s political turmoil.

A short time earlier, he’d completed his latest Avant-garde design he plans to present to Hanson as a gesture of goodwill, adding that it would reinforce her authority on the floor of parliament and bolster her interpersonal communications skills.

Xavier Thomas’ new authoritative look for Pauline Hanson

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