Thugby League BullyDogs Strike Again — pulling plug on legendary all-stars match

The BullyDogs must think they own Belmore Oval, but it’s publicly-owned and their sabotage campaign to get Olympic out of there should be met with determination to stay.

The Belmore Boofheads are at it again

A few days ago, Olympic legend Peter Katholos announced a lineup of Olympic legends would playing an NSL all-stars XI this weekend at Belmore Oval and there seemed to be a bit of a buzz.

Peter Katholos with Olympic team mates in the good old days

It’s hard work getting something like this together, but ‘The Kat’ was excited and clearly pumped.

“ Fans of the great club come and see your past greats and football personalities and relive the great memories,” The Kat said in the Facebook announcement.

“All roads to Belmore sports ground this Sunday 7th August, kick-off 2 pm.”

The BullyDogs, who rip $80 million of poker machine misery out of their fans every year, still manage to chase their tail and don’t seem to have a purpose both on and off the field, wanted to make a contribution too.

They saw the big occasion as another opportunity to carry on with an obvious campaign of sabotage aimed at frustrating Sydney Olympic and making use of the venue so difficult it is forced to surrender its sub-lease.

This morning, The Kat posted the bad news that The Bullydogs would not be allowing any of Olympic’s games on the weekend.

History is clearly repeating — The Bullydogs have form. Almost four years ago when they tried it on, leading Australian football writer and Fox Football commentator Michael Cockerill, was in Olympic’s corner.

And local MP, Labor factional heavyweight Tony Burke, was forced to weigh into the “Belmore barney”.

The good news to emerge since then is that Jim Montague, who had ionordinate power by virtue of his 32 year reign as GM, has now departed.

And the council amalgamations saga appears to have scored a demonstrable positive, with Bankstown merging with Canterbury to slightly dilute the BullyDogs power base.

It’s sickening to think that earlier this year we heard The BullyDogs were in talks to buy Western Sydney Wanderers. Can you imagine a bunch of thugby league devotees in a club with no future with a crappy stadium as their home could think they’re a match for a club built from the community up with passionate fans and potential beyond their understanding?

The Kat says the game will be rescheduled and an announcement will be made shortly about the new date and venue.

The lineup of stars included: Marshall Soper, Gary Meier, Mark Koussas, Peter Katholos, Ken Wilson, Derek Laing, Danny Moulis, Jim Ziras, Terry Patalis, Abbas Saad, Robbie Hooker, Dave Barrett, Ztlako Nastevski, Jim Patikas, Pablo Cardozo, Scott Baillie, Angelo Petratos, Steve Chilas, Blago Milicevic, Vince Savoca, Peter Tsekenis, Eric Hristodolou, Joe Rizoto, Claudio Canosa, Nelio Borges, Dez Marton, Gus Cerro and the legendary off-field performer and diagnosed Sydney Olympic fanatic, ‘Andreas’ Hatzioannou.

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