Working in a Company where everything is possibile

Fine things sooner or later have an end, so will also be for the company where she has worked a lot with so much satisfaction.
I have a dinner with her and I could see her sad face, in the company she works she breathes spoiled air hearing continuous rumors of cuts and restructurings.

Too bad, it was really a nice company, it was a wonderful company where everything was feasible, there were no limits and everyone showed satisfaction for what they did and they created each day. Everything was possible and everyone was involved in the future of the world.

The value of companies are people, and when they stop investing on people, it begins to decline, this is what has been happening for some time in her company. For a long time, the sense of doing has been lost, the tension has shifted to change and everything has crystallized in the web of certainties, those that slowly kill in the dullness of the days gone by.

Too bad, really a pity, a reality of excellence thrown into the puddle of the ineptness of who should point the way, but instead prefers to wait, to better understand where to go without realizing that lost time does not return anymore.

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